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Alphabet Wall with Mouth Photos


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Alphabet Wall with Mouth Photos
Grab this as part of a bundle here:
Included in this bundle is a set of color alphabet wall cards that has real photos.
Each card is 10.8 by 5.04 in size and includes an engaging initial sound photo, the letter in traditional font, and an image/s of kindergarten students making the sound.
These are one letter per page and take up most of the page so you can displace them in print or digitally.
Includes letters a-z as well as all 44 phonemes.
A-Z set has apple, edge, itch, octopus, and up as the vowels.
Phoneme set has bee, itch, cake, ten, cat, ice, dog, bug, saw, bone, book, tube, unicorn, coin, ouch, bird, car, and fork for the vowels.
Please note, the letter X is the final sound and letters x and q have 2 photos for mouth formation since they are made by combining two phonemes (they are clearly labeled).
Jennifer Kadar – Preschool – Kindergarten – First Grade – Simply Kinder


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