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Annular Eclipse 2023 Kids Activities


Annular Eclipse 2023 Kids Activities

An annular eclipse is happening on October 14th, 2023.  This type of eclipse happens every couple of years but is only visible at any given geographical point every several hundred years – so it is very rare to see.  Help your students learn about this “Ring of Fire” eclipse so they can know all about this show in the sky!

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Included in this download is:

  • Parent note sharing the annular eclipse with your families.
  • Annular Eclipse Hat for students to make and wear at school and home.
  • Annular Eclipse Brochure to learn all about this special type of eclipse in a quick, concise way.
  • Annular Eclipse Easy Reader so each of your students can have their own book to take home.
  • Annular Eclipse Informative Passage to read together and take notes.
  • Annular Eclipse Graphic Organizers and Report Pages to write what you learned.
  • Annular Eclipse Comprehension Questions in several versions so your students can write or draw what they learned.


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