Beach Fun CVC Boom Cards™ Digital Center


Beach Fun CVC Boom Cards™ Digital Center

Boom Learning Decks are a fun interactive way for your students to practice essential skills.  They are like little apps created by teachers for teachers!
  • Boom Cards are self-checking and give students immediate feedback.
  • Boom Cards are paperless and can be used on computers, tablets, and on mobile devices.
  • Boom Cards can be shared to Smartboards, Google Classroom, and Seesaw.
  • Students can access from school or home.


Included in this download is:
One Boom Card Deck to practice reading CVC words all with a fun beach theme. This deck includes 25 slides (5 slides of 5 different activities).
Students will practice:
  • seeing a word and picking the right word
  • matching the picture to the word
  • matching the word to the picture
  • building the word with letters
  • typing the word

Each slide includes audio directions (spoken by students), written directions (so a passerby can monitor and help), and consistent visual cues.


How to use Boom Cards:

  • Boom Cards are used on the BoomLearning.com site or the Boom Learning app. You must have internet connection for the games to work.
  • Click the link provided above to access the deck you purchased. Sign into your account OR set up an account if you don’t have one.
  • If you don’t have students in your class yet, add your students.
  • Assign the deck to your students through your LIBRARY or through your CLASS tab.
  • You have to have a Boom account to use this resource. If you do not have one, click here to start a free trial.  (it’s a very low annual fee after that and totally worth it).
  • This file is a PDF download with a link that will give you access to THIS Boom deck on Boom’s website.
  • We have FAQ and troubleshooting tips here on Simply Kinder.
Jennifer Kadar – Simply Kinder – Kindergarten -First Grade – Preschool





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