Decodable Readers - Set 1 Decodables

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Decodable Readers – Set 1 Decodables

The first 5 decodable stories from Simply Kinder!

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Decodable BUNDLE
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Included in this download is:

5 Decodables to learn to read.

Decodable #1 – Sight word I (uses readles)
Title: I Play.

Decodable #2 – Sight word a (uses readles)
Title: A Snack

Decodable #3 – Sight word the (uses readles)
Title: The Farm

Decodable #4 – Sight word my (uses readles)
Title: My School

Decodable #5 – Sight word like and decodable words with readle support.
Title: I Like It

Each decodable is 8 pages in length. Each decodable also includes:
– The story on one page for centers or to include in homework.
– A writing page that uses the same words as the story.
– A homework page where students read the story and parents sign.

Jennifer Kadar – SImply Kinder – Preschool – Kindergarten – First Grade


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