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Editable Directed Drawing Calendar 2024 Calendar

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Editable Directed Drawing Calendar 2023 & 2024 Calendar

❤️ An editable directed drawing calendar with differentiation options to help students create an original calendar of their artwork! Perfect for Christmas gifts, the end of the year, Mother’s Day, or a keepsake! 



Check out this HANDPRINT CALENDAR too:
Handprint Calendar

Included in this download:
Fully Editable Directed Drawing Calendar. Students will love drawing the thirteen pictures for their calendars. This calendar is a great alternative to the handprint calendar and makes a great parent gift for the holidays!
  • A preset file for 2023 and 2024. This file is fully editable so you can use it beyond those years again and again but we did the work for you for these two years.
  • Step-by-step directions are included do draw one picture for each month and the cover self-portrait.
  • Directed drawing instructions come with 3 versions (all have drawn and written explanations):
  • All 6 directions on one page.
  • All 6 directions on one page with highlighted next step.
  • Six directions on 2 pages. This option has bigger directions for the kids.
  • Students should draw the outline in black marker and then color the picture in.
  • Each month is one page. No more trying to match upfronts of pages to the back of pages.
  • Bind the calendars ahead of time. Go month by month to add the drawings.
  • Use our directed drawing samples or change them out for your favorites. (Penguin, gopher, bee, flower, crab, boat, umbrella, crayon, apple tree, owl, turkey, and snowman included).
  • The calendar is editable so you can program the dates year after year and not wait for updates.
  • Add special days or take the preprogrammed ones off the calendar because it is editable. You can easily translate it too!
  • Alternative calendar layouts (4, 5, and 6 weeks) are provided if the following year has a different weekly layout.
  • Alternative Cover page for translating so if words don’t fit you have additional space.
  • Sample photos.
  • Directed drawing designs include Penguin, groundhog, bee, rainy day, flower, crab, sailboat, crayon box, apple tree, owl, turkey, and snowman.
BONUS ITEMS: We included a calendar set with the pictures drawn for your students. This is useful if you just want your students to ONLY COLOR the calendar or a specific month. Also great if you have a student who is absent and they need to make up the drawing but can’t do the directions on their own.
What if the word I need does not fit in the box? The boxes are formatted to fit American holidays in English. If you have a box where a word splits into two lines or does not fit, just email us and we will adjust that month for you. (It would be impossible for us to format them in a way that anything everyone would want will fit).
Does the calendar have the days of the week at the top? You asked and we listened. Although the sample photos do not have the days of the week, the calendar you get will have them. Yay!
Will you update the file every year? That’s a great (tricky) question. So we update our files for no charge if they have dates or time-sensitive items as best we can. What you are paying for is the year/content you are using when purchased (so this year’s calendar if that makes sense). That being said, we never charge when we update and we have updated all our materials to date with no issues. Now, if something happens to me medically where I can no longer update or in 45 years will I still be updating them, most likely not. However, THIS FILE IS EDITABLE SO YOU WILL BE ABLE TO UPDATE THEM FOR YEARS TO COME! Will we ever list next year’s calendar as a separate listing you have to pay for again – absolutely not, that’ not how we roll. OK – hopefully that makes sense. =) Please reach out if you have any other questions. Jen
Can you add the days of the week along the top? We actually had to shrink the calendar down as much as we could to be able to put a directed drawing on the page with it. Because if that the boxes are small and we had to eliminate the days of the week. The boxes are too small for the kids to write on, so they won’t need those as indicators and the adults will know the format. (We actually looked around and lots of calendars don’t have the day later of the week listed.)
File Format:
Editable PDF must open using any Adobe product on a computer or laptop. You can find free Adobe readers on the internet. Please note, at this time, they are not compatible with internet-based devices such as iPads or Chromebooks. CLICK HERE for the latest troubleshooting tips and tricks while using our Editable PDFs.
Teacher Reviews:
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “This made a fun Christmas gift for the parents and they can use it all year. I had several parents thank me. I let kids choose to create their own photo if they wanted. Most followed the guided picture. One kid loved tell his parents about each picture he chose to draw. So fun to make!”
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “My students have loved creating their own calendar. I have used this calendar the last 2 years as a gift students can give to there loved ones. I love that it ties in with multiple subject areas as well. Thank you!”
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “My class loved creating these to give as gifts to their families. The steps were easy for them to follow and they did a wonderful job following the directions! Easy to set up and use. Great practice for fine motor skills for the kids as well as following directions practice.”

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