Eclipse Teaching Slides


Teach your students about a solar eclipse with these engaging teaching slides featuring real photos in Canva!

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Students will cover topics like what is a solar eclipse, what happens to the environment during an eclipse, and how to view it safely.

This is a Set of 21 Teaching Slides in Canva Covering:

  • What is a solar eclipse
  • What are the types of solar eclipses
  • How often to the different types of eclipses happen
  • How to view an eclipse safely
  • BONUS SLIDES for the April 8th Great American Total Eclipse

With This Canva Template You Can:

  • Edit slides
  • Customize lesson to be a partial or total eclipse (just delete out slides that are not what you are viewing)
  • Display slides
  • Download slides
  • Add more slides

Use for In-Class Lessons (Project onto your interactive board and use to guide your lesson) or Virtual Learning (present from Canva or download to use in other ways).

This is a Canva Template. Upon download, you will get a link to copy this file from our Canva to yours where you can edit the files.

Jennifer Kadar – Simply Kinder – Kindergarten – First Grade – Preschool
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