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Bug and Insects Mini Crafts, Spring Bulletin Board


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Insects Mini Crafts

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Included in this download is:

This is a collection of our MINI crafts that are included in our research units. We pulled them out and are providing them separately per teacher request.

10 insects including lady bugs, fireflies, grasshoppers, ant butterflies, caterpillars, beetles, bees, praying mantis, and moths.

Each craft includes:
– sample photo
– easy 1 page print option (all pieces on on page to print on white, color, cut, and glue)
– print on construction paper print option (pieces are optimized to save paper when printing for multiple students on construction paper)

Please note: these are mini crafts. They are intended to a little bigger than the size of an adult hand. They are quick, save paper, and can stand alone or be glued to a piece of writing or project.

Jennifer Kadar – Simply Kinder – Kindergarten -First Grade – Preschool


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