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Leap Year 2024 Activities, No-Prep Literacy, Math, Hat, Crafts, & MORE, Leap Day


Dive into the Leap Year 2024 Extravaganza! Unleash No-Prep Fun with Literacy, Math, Hats, Crafts, and More!

Get ready to make Leap Day 2024 a leap above the rest with our incredible Leap Year 2024 No-Prep Activities! Bursting with a plethora of engaging and no-prep activities, this downloadable treasure trove is your one-stop-shop for an unforgettable Leap Day celebration in the classroom.

What Awaits You in This Download?

Prepare for a whirlwind of educational excitement with a diverse range of 100+ pages of activities with editable year Leap Year, including:

  • Leap Year Editable 2024 Hats (Several Options): Choose from a variety of stylish hats to add a touch of flair to your Leap Day celebration.
  • Leap Year 29 Exercise Activity: Keep your students active and energized with this fun exercise activity tailored for Leap Year.
  • Leap Year Snack (Activity and Parent Letter): Enjoy a delicious and educational snack activity, complete with a parent letter for added involvement.
  • Leap Year Bucket List: Encourage goal-setting and creativity with a special Leap Year-themed bucket list.
  • Leap Year Close Read Passage: Engage your students in a close read session focused on the fascinating concept of Leap Year.
  • Leap Year Vocabulary (Student Pages & Wall Cards): Build vocabulary skills with dedicated student pages and colorful wall cards.
  • Leap Year Report Graphic Organizers: Explore a variety of graphic organizers to enhance Leap Year report writing.
  • Leap Year Report Writing Pages: Choose from a plethora of report writing pages to suit your students’ preferences.
  • Leap Year Student Expert Awards: Recognize your students’ expertise with a selection of awards tailored for Leap Year.
  • Leap Year All About Me: Foster creativity and self-expression with a personalized Leap Year-themed activity.
  • Leap Year Calendar Craft: Combine creativity and practicality with a Leap Year-themed calendar craft.
  • Leap Year Fill-in the Calendars: Reinforce calendar skills with engaging fill-in activities.
  • Leap Year Alphabet Writing Pages: Enhance alphabet skills with dedicated Leap Year writing pages.
  • Leap Year Missing Letters: Challenge students with a playful missing letters activity centered around Leap Year.
  • Leap Year Sound Pages: Dive into phonics with sound pages inspired by the Leap Year theme.
  • Leap Year Letter Naming Practice: Sharpen letter naming skills with Leap Year-themed practice.
  • Leap Year CVC Practice: Explore CVC words in a Leap Year context for added fun.
  • Leap Year Making Words: Foster word-building skills with Leap Year-inspired word activities.
  • Leap Year Math Pages: Cover a range of math topics including graphing, addition to 5 and 10, counting to 100 & 120 – all with a Leap Year twist!


BONUS 2024 Leap Year Resources:

As a special treat, enjoy additional resources dedicated to Leap Year 2024, including hats, exercise activities, snacks, a bucket list, and more!

 Act Now and Elevate Your Leap Year Celebration!

This incredible bundle is a steal, offering a vast array of activities and resources to make Leap Day 2024 an educational extravaganza for your students. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring joy, learning, and celebration into your classroom.


Shop now to download your Leap Year 2024 No-Prep Activities and make this Leap Day truly special for your students:


Leap into Learning, Leap into Fun!


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