Nonfiction CVCe Decodable Readers w/ Real Pictures, Passages


*BUNDLE SALE* Nonfiction CVCe Decodable Readers w/ Real Pictures, Passages


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Are you ready to embark on an educational journey that will ignite a passion for reading in your kindergarten and first-grade students? Say hello to our revolutionary Nonfiction CVCe Decodable Readers —meticulously crafted with a Science of Reading alignment!


  • Science of Reading Aligned Activities: With the latest educational research in mind, our bundle ensures that your students become experts in decoding, blending, segmenting, and reading fluently—the very foundations of lifelong literacy.
  • Real Pictures for Real Engagement: Bid farewell to mundane illustrations! Our bundle boasts real-life photographs that not only captivate young minds but also elevate comprehension to new heights. Let your students dive into the world of reading with visual stories that resonate with their curiosity.
  • Comprehensive Phonics Coverage: Dive into 4 decodable readers, each a treasure trove of CVCe phonics skills. Watch with joy as your students master these skills with enthusiasm, setting the stage for a lifetime of reading success.
  • Versatile Resources: We understand the diverse needs of educators. That’s why our bundle offers a choice between a user-friendly horizontal book format (easy to print and prep) and a 1-page printable passage with comprehension questions. Flexibility at its best—because teaching should adapt to you!
  • Sight Words and Decodable Words Lists: Empower your students with the essential tools for success. Our bundle comes complete with sight words and decodable word lists, reinforcing their reading foundation and building the confidence they need to excel in their literacy journey.
  • Endless Learning Possibilities: The excitement doesn’t end here! With more decodable readers in the pipeline, our bundle grows with your students, providing a continuous and enriching learning experience. Witness the joy of discovery as your students unravel new stories and conquer new reading milestones.


What’s Inside Each Decodable Reader?

  • REAL images & pictures
  • 13 pages of engaging content
  • Easy-to-print and prep horizontal book
  • 1-page printable passage with comprehension questions
  • Sight words and decodable words list


Witness Reading Progress Like Never Before! Invest in your students’ literacy journey with our Nonfiction Decodable Readers Bundle. Experience the thrill of seeing reading progress like never before and ignite a lifelong passion for learning.


Current CVCe Decodable Books & Phonics Skills Included:

  • CVCe-Long O-The Hose
  • CVCe-Long A-I Can Bake
  • CVCe-Long I-The Kite
  • CVCe-Long U- My Flute

Don’t miss out on this transformative tool—order now and let the reading adventure begin!

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