Names 6 – First and Last Name Fun


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Names 6 – First and Last Name Fun

Traditional Print and D’Nealian included.


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Editable Name Practice Bundle


Included in this download is:

Editable Names Set # 6 – First and Last Name Fun – Traditional and D’Nealian

Please read carefully so you know how this document works. =)

– This set contains 7 printables for each name keyed it. Using the editable PDF you can type the students’s name into the first printable and it will pull them through the other 6 sets.
– All pages include practice for first and last names.
– There are several different options, first and last name on the same line, on separate lines, and combined.
– Students will draw themselves in a fun way onto the printable.

The files comes in two options:

1. Editable PDF. You must have Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to use this. You type in the name on the first set of worksheets and it will carry the names throughout the remaining worksheets. It is a free download on the internet if you do not have it already. You will also want to make sure the file is actually opening in Adobe and not Preview for this version to work.

2. Editable PowerPoint. Use this option to do one student at a time or extra long names. You will need to download fonts for this version to work. Most are free KG and Fonts4Teachers fonts. If you use the D’Nealian packets, you will need to purchase the Fonts4Teachers font for it to work in the PowerPoint (it should work find in the PDF without.)


The editable PDF must have Adobe Reader installed to edit. It is a free download on the internet. If you have issues with the file after you install Adobe Reader and the file is opening in Preview and not Adobe, please contact me. I can help! =)


Jennifer Kadar – Simply Kinder – Kindergarten


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