Planting Plants – Plants Kindergarten – Plant Life Cycle


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Planting Plants – Plants Kindergarten – Plant Life Cycle

A guide to help students understand the process of planting plants and the life cycle.

Included in this download is:

This interactive book that will guide you through planting plants and beyond.

Some activities include:
-gluing seeds into your journal
-illustrating the steps to plant a seed
-gluing leaves onto a stem
-torn art sun
-fingerprint raindrops
and much more!

Also included is journal pages where students can record what is happening with their plant each day. Students can either draw what they see or glue in images of what stage the plant is in. You have two options for your journal pages – where students write the day or where it is preprinted on the page.


Jennifer Kadar – Simply Kinder – Kindergarten -First Grade – Preschool


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