Second Quarter Kindergarten Morning Work


Second Quarter Kindergarten Morning Work


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Second Quarter Kindergarten Morning Work is 9 weeks (45 days) of spiraling concepts for your students. These concepts include:

– letters o, l, h, w, x, e, v, j, y, z, q (id, initial sound, upper & lower)
– sight words: look, he, me, come, here, for, this, do, we, are, and, she, you, that, one, two
– writing and counting to 20
– tally marks to 10
– ten frames to 10
– rhyme identification
– counting the number of sounds in a word
– drawing shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle, rhombus, oval)
– identifying shapes in environment
– number sequence
– alphabet sequence
– identifying the final sound in a word
– writing cvc words
– writing and reading sentences
– addition with pictures to 5
– simple addition to 6


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