Send Home Sub Plan Kinder 1st Quarter Sets 1-3


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This is a set of Send Home Sub Plans you can send home for students to learn at home.
  • It is editable so you can customize the activities.
  • This set includes THREE WEEKS (spring sets included 2 weeks). They are still $1.50 per week. We will do 3 sets of 3 weeks to make one quarter and progress the skill levels each quarter.
  • If you don’t like the title of Send Home Sub Plans, call them Send Home School Plans
  • Use these for distance learning or for students or classes who must stay home because they are sick.
  • Each week is preloaded with activities – use ours or change them out and use your own.
  • Print and send home OR send digitally to your families on secure platforms.
  • Send one full week at a time with our one file option or send them daily with the each activity broken into it’s own PDF.
  • This set is preloaded for the quarter and weeks listed and will have themes that are consistent with that (ie, first quarter will have back to school topics)
Included in this download is:
Each set includes a variety of the following items: lesson plan and parent letter, literacy Send Home Center, Math Send Home Center, literacy and math video recommendations, daily book suggestions and how to find them, Nursery Rhyme with Activities each week, sight word cards and activities, dough idea cards, daily journal prompt, and then various other activities to do including printables, quick games that require no printables, and more.
~ Literacy Center: Do They Rhyme
~ Math Center: Glue Shape Match
~ Daily Shape Craft and Tracing (circle, square, rectangle, triangle)
~ Sight Words I and the (we give you more spots to add more if you want)
~ First Day Hat
~ Rhyme: The Itsy Bitsy Spider with daily activities
~ Dough Idea Cards: Shapes
~ Book theme: First Day of School
~ Literacy Center: Alphabet Pencil Match (a-m)
~ Math Center: Crayon Counting
~ Rhyme: Jack and Jill with daily activities
~ Sight Words see and can (we give you more spots to add more if you want)
~ Letter Tt: only one letter this week. We give you picture cards, a writing page, and a
craft all done on different days.
~ Numbers 0-3: Daily Number Craft and Writing (except they day you do the alphabet
craft). Included are our Number Poems approach to help students write the numbers
~ Dough Idea Cards: Numbers 0-4
~ Book theme: School
~ Literacy Center: Alphabet Pencil Match (n-z)
~ Math Center: Number Puzzles
~ Rhyme: Hey Diddle Diddle with daily activities
~ Sight Words is and my (we give you more spots to add more if you want)
~ Letter B: Writing and picture cards done one day, craft on another.
~ Letter F: Writing and picture cards done one day, craft on another.
~ Shapes: Shape Drawing review
~.Dough Idea Cards: Numbers 5-9
~ Numbers 4-7: Daily Number Craft and Writing (one day the students do 2 craft, one
letter and one number).
~ Book theme: Emotions
Again, you can use all of our activities or edit and add your own as well as assign one whole week at a time or send individual files.
Questions that have come up:
~ We have book suggestions and tell families they can (1) check the book out from the library, (2) order the book online, (3) look for the book read online, or (4) pick a different book.
~ The PDF is editable. There is no way to make it not editable when sending to families. Families must open the file in Adobe which is free.
~ Because the file is editable, you cannot add hyperlinks but the letter tells the families how to search for things online.
~ Most activities in these lessons are new but some are not. For example, it just seems silly to recreate alphabet crafts when we already have a good set of them. But MOST are new activities.
~ These plans must be printed at school or at home, they are not digital activities. They are single use sub plans with all activities included.
~ We will be reorganizing our Spring Send Home Sub Plans to be this same format (by quarter).
This all being said, Simply Kinder has received SO MANY emails from parents and teachers thanking us for helping to keep organized and stay on track. We are just sharing these to save you an email if you have the same questions.
We want to help you share this resource with your families in an easy way.
You CAN share this file with your families by:
•printing and sending home copies
•sharing in you Google Classroom, SeeSaw, Teams, etc.
•emailing the file as a PDF
Please help keep our resources secure by NOT:
• Posting this on your classroom or district website
• Post this on social media (in a FB group unless it is just your class)
• Share this in Google Drive
Do you have another way you are wanting to share this resource with your families? Please email us and we can discuss. [email protected]



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