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Send Home Sub Plans PRESCHOOL Set 2 : 2 Full Editable Weeks


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This is a set of Send Home Sub Plans you can send home for students to learn at home. It is editable so you can customize the activities.  

We have you covered (each set is 2 full weeks):


This is a set of Send Home Sub Plans you can send home for students to learn at home.

  • Each set is two full weeks.
  • It is editable so you can customize the activities.
  • Each week is preloaded with activities – use ours or change them out and use your own.
  • Print and send home OR send digitally to your families on secure platforms.
  • Send one week at a time with our one file option or send them daily with the each activity broken into it’s own PDF.


Included in this download is:

We preloaded the week with activities but you can easily switch them out to be your lessons. 

  • Cover Page – Each day has a literacy and math section. Type in those days what you want them to do.
  • Family Letter – This is a preset letter you can type a note and explain the different activities. Copy that letter on the back of the Cover Page.
  • Send Home Center (1 literacy, 1 math) – A Send Home Center to play throughout the week.
  • Sight Word Flashcards – You pick 6 words to focus on during the week and the directions tell the families what to do daily with them.
  • Picture Cards – Three days during the week students will do activities with this (one is write the words, the other is write sentences). In the family letter we say they can do them as a Write the Room.
  • Picture Card Recording Pages – Send these or don’t. It’s recording pages for the above. We explain in the parent letter if they don’t get the recording sheets to just use blank paper at home and number it.
  • And then a selection of literacy and math printables worked into some of the days for practice. (These printables are not editable). Those include: decodable passages, color by code, and a few other things preloaded.
Questions that have come up:
~ We have book suggestions and tell families they can (1) check the book out from the library, (2) order the book online, (3) look for the book read online, or (4) pick a different book.
~ The PDF is editable. There is no way to make it not editable when sending to families. Families must open the file in Adobe which is free.
~ Because the file is editable, you cannot add hyperlinks but the letter tells the families how to search for things online.
~ These plans must be printed at home, they are not digital activities. They are single use sub plans with all activities included.
This all being said, Simply Kinder has received SO MANY emails from parents and teachers thanking us for helping to keep organized and stay on track. We are just sharing these to save you an email if you have the same questions.
We want to help you share this resource with your families in an easy way.
You CAN share this file with your families by:
•printing and sending home copies
•sharing in you Google Classroom
•emailing the file as a PDF
•put on a platform that is ONLY for your class, not out there for everyone on the internet
This file is editable so it must open in Adobe.
•Post this on your classroom website
•Post this on social media (in a FB group unless it is your class FB group)
•Share this in Google Drive
Do you have another way you are wanting to share this resource with your families? Please email us and we can discuss. [email protected]
This resource is for one classroom use only.


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