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Silly Sentences CVC Decodable Writing Word Practice Center for Kindergarten


Silly Sentences CVC Word Practice Center

❤️ ✏️ Your kindergarten and first grade students will love this CVC Word Center creating Silly Sentences to practice their CVC decoding skills.

How It Works: 

Students will order the color coded cards to create different sentences that are just silly. Cards are #1 red (nouns), #2 orange (verbs), and #3 yellow (prepositional phrases). Students can quickly and easily tweak it by changing one card creating a whole new fun sentence.

To align with the Science of Reading, the cards are organized by short vowel so you can target one phonics focus or mix them all together to do all CVC words. (Note – Nasal A has it’s own set of cards).

Included in this download is: 

  • With over 190 cards, the possibilities are endless for silly sentences! Print the cards in color or on color paper.
  • Sentence Work Mats to place the cards on. Work mats include spaces to place the cards as well as space to write sentences if laminated or put in a sheet protector. This set includes non-themed work mats as well as 20 themed to use throughout the year.
  • Sentence writing pages for accountability in the center that are themed and non-themed to match the work mats.
  • Cut and Glue printables to use without the center cards. Students will cut the 6 pictures and use them to create 2 silly sentences featuring CVC words.


Key Features: 

  • 192 cards with CVC phrases to practice decoding with simple, silly sentences.
  • Cards are labeled by phonics pattern for short vowels so you can focus on one short vowel or mix them.  Short a also includes separate nasal sounds.
  • Accountability printables with different options from just writing the sentences to drawing the meaning.
  • Cut and Glue Printables to use without the center cards.


Why Simply Kinder Silly Sentences? 

✅ A fun way to practice writing CVC words.
✅ A great way to generate writing ideas.
✅ Students will never run out of stories for the their writing time.
✅ Color coding makes it fun.
✅ Science of Reading Aligned with the ability to isolate sounds as well as nasal a sound being it’s own skill.

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