Sound Brochures with Real Mouth Photos Editable | Alphabet Brochures



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Sound Brochures with Real Mouth Photos Editable | Alphabet Brochures
Consider getting the bundle below though because we have more amazing resources coming with these mouth photos
Grab this as part of a bundle here:
Alphabet Printables with Mouth Photos Bundle here or
Phonics and Phonemes Bundle here (includes above bundle plus a full sound wall with mouth photos
Included in our Sound Brochures with Mouth Photos is:
One brochure for each of the 44 english sounds as well as q & x.
Each brochure includes 6 pages with these sections:
~ cover with sound and keyword
~ how to make the sound with a real mouth photo
~ words that have the sound (some words start with the sound and some have it in it)
~ find the sound (find and color the pictures)
~ voiced and unvoiced identification
~ parent tips and tricks – explaining all the things
~ fun activity like a maze, completing a picture, or rainbow writing
~ how to write the most common spelling
~ home link to do something fun at home with the sound
Sounds included are: short a, long a, ar, aw, b, c, ch, d, short e, long e, er, f, g, h, short i, long i, j, k, l, m, n, ng, short o, long o, oi, or, ou, oo, p, q, r, s, sh, t, long and short th, short u, long u, yu, v, w, wh, x, y, z, and schwa.
Mouth photos are professionally taken photos of 6 diverse kindergarten students. These will be great to share with your students’ families.
This file is fully editable when opened in Adobe (a free program). You can change the parent tips and tricks, translate, or do whatever you need to do with the words on the brochures.
Jennifer Kadar – Preschool – Kindergarten – First Grade – Simply Kinder


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