Literacy Spirit Day Ideas

It seems like most schools usually plan at least one or two spirit weeks per year but coming up with spirit day ideas can be daunting.  So here is a list of literacy spirit day ideas to help you think outside the box!  Some of these days are just fun and others are based around literacy and learning!  Either way, your kids will love!

More general spirit day ideas:

  • fairy tale or nursery rhyme day – dress like your favorite character
  • favorite book character day – dress like your favorite character
  • beach day – dress like  you are headed to the beach
  • college day – sport your favorite college apparel
  • pajama day – roll out of bed and head to school
  • color war day – each grade gets a different color and see who has the most spirit
  • mismatch day – come with your clothes not matching
  • school spirit day – wear your school shirt
  • western day – come dressed for the west
  • camouflage day – dress like you blend in
  • crazy hair day – do your hair all sorts of crazy
Crazy Hair Day

(Sometimes all it takes is some sticky letters to join in on the crazy hair day!)

  • rainbow day – try to wear all the colors of the rainbow
  • black/white out day – come wearing all black (you can really do any color)
  • superhero day – let your inner superhero out
  • 50’s – get the poodle skirts out
  • 70’s – bell bottoms for everyone
  • 80’s – big hair and leg warmers
  • 90’s – bust out your ghetto blaster
  • accessory day – try to wear all of your accessories at once
  • time travel day – pick a time you would like to visit and dress like it
  • pattern day – sport your clothes with lots of patterns
  • jersey day – wear your favorite sports jersey
  • twin day – pick a friend and be twins
  • triplet day – pick 2 other friends and be triplets
  • stuffed animal day – bring your favorite stuffed animal to class
  • sunglasses day – wear your sunglasses
  • gum day – everyone can chew gum (makes a great fundraiser)
  • Hawaiian day – dress like you live on the islands
  • Hollywood day – dress like your favorite person from Hollywood or like old Hollywood
  • duct tape day – encourage your kiddos to wear some tape
  • hat day – let your students wear hats
Spirit day ideas

(Have kids who don’t participate in spirit days?  Find ways to include them like turning old borders into hats on crazy hat day!)

  • recycled materials day – create something to wear made from recycled materials)
  • favorite movie day – dress like a character from your favorite movie
  • sunglass day – kids get to wear their sunglasses all day
  • favorite sports team day – wear a shirt for your favorite team
  • role model day – dress up like someone who inspires you
  • mustache day – get your best mustache on for school
  • rock star day – come like a rock star
  • career day – dress up like what you want to be when you grow up
  • tourist day – come like you are ready to take photos of your vacation
  • ugly sweater day – uglier the better
  • cartoon character day – come dressed with your favorite cartoon shirt
  • villain day – come dressed as your favorite villain
  • athlete day – come ready to play your favorite sport
  • teacher day – dress like a teacher or even your favorite teacher
  • futuristic day – think ahead 10, 15, or even 30 years and dress how you think it will be
  • patriotic day – sport your red, white, and blue
  • space day – get creative and come in a space suit of some sort
  • when I am 100 day – dress up like you are 100 years old
  • pirate day – argh, come dressed as a pirate
  • animal print day – animal print for everyone
  • state spirit day – sport a team shirt or shirt with your state’s colors on it
  • community worker day – dress up like  your favorite community worker
  • tie and tutu day – sport your tie or your tutu
  • show and tell day – everyone brings something in to share with their class
  • backwards day – wear your clothes backwards

Hope everyone has a great spirit week!  Please share any ideas you have in the comments below!

And if you are looking for some printables to use during spirit week in March, check out our Read and Rhyme America unit!

Read and Rhyme unit of study
Reading and Rhyming unit
Read and rhyme printables
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