Turkey Counting Printables

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Whether you are planning a Thanksgiving learning unit or just have students that are crazy about turkeys (who could blame them, turkeys are awesome) these turkey counting printables are perfect for this time of the year.

These simple counting printables are fun for the little ones as they will have to bring out their crayons in order to solve these.

Turkey Counting Printables

Turkey Counting Printables

Ready to count? Your little ones will be counting from 1 to 15! Don’t worry if they are not yet ready to count over 10, or even over 5 as this printable pack has 3 pages and numbers are divided to 3 sections.

First printable has numbers from 1 to 5. Perfect for young ones who mastered their first numbers. Let them count the dots on turkeys and find a matching color. They can then color the turkeys with their favorite colors. The more creative ones can color match numbers only and color the turkeys with numbers in their natural (or imaginary) colors, while others can easily color both turkey and the number in the same color. I mean a pink turkey will certainly look fancy wouldn’t you agree? You can also use this sheet for a game with a dice. Have your students roll the dice, look at the numbers and color the turkeys. When they roll a 6 they either have to make a turkey sound (gobble, gobble) or act like a turkey. How fun!

Second page of this printable set has numbers from 6-10, this one is perfect for the serious counters.

Last page has numbers from 11 to 15 to match, this one being perfect for kids that thing counting from 1 to 10 is easy peasy.

Turkey Count Learning Printables

You can get these turkey counting printable here.

Laminating this set of printables will make them more durable and the students can use dry erase markers to solve them (this is especially good if you plan to use this resource in the classroom).

Turkey Counting Learning Printables



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