Valentine’s Day Read-Aloud Books

Here are some of the best Valentine’s Day read-aloud books for your kindergarten class to watch this Valentine’s Day! All are age-appropriate and we know your students will love them.

A teacher-approved list of videos for Valentine's Day Read-Aloud Books. Perfect for students in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade!

Kindergarten students love books AND they love videos! Why not combine the two and show them some read-aloud books this Valentine’s Day? It saves you some time and gives you a little bit of a break amid the sugar rush and party time. All of these videos have been teacher-approved for content and length. Keep reading to find out all about them!

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Valentine’s Day Read-Aloud Books

Sometime’s it’s hard to find the perfect Valentine’s Day books, either shopping or at the library. That’s why read-aloud books are a great alternative when in need! Here are some of our favorites:

Little Blue Truck’s Valentine

Everyone loves the Little Blue Truck! Most kindergarteners will recognize all the characters in this book, and they’ll love watching them all receive cute Valentine’s! Only 3:07 long so it’s great for when you need a quick little break.

The Littlest Valentine

This is such a cute story that offers diversity, and shows how everyone is special and can be helpful! The Valentine family owns a shop that specializes in Valentine’s Day treats, and the littlest Valentine, Emma, searches for a way to help her family in the shop!

Olivia and the Perfect Valentine

Olivia has lots of love to share in this Valentine’s Day story and wants to make the very best valentines for all her friends and family. A sweet story perfect for your students who are about to pass out their own valentines.

Valentine’s Day Jitters

Mrs. Hartwell is planning the perfect Valentine’s Day party for her class in this read-aloud book, but she’s feeling very nervous about something going wrong. It will walk students through everything involved with a Valentine’s Day party, and get them excited for their own, hopefully with no jitters!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse

Another Valentine’s Day read-aloud book with some recognizable characters! Mouse is making Valentine’s for all of his friends and tells what he loves about every one of them. This book is good because it will help students learn to complement one another which is perfect for Valentine’s Day!

A Crankenstein Valentine

This funny read-aloud is sure to make your students giggle! Crankenstein doesn’t like Valentine’s Day- YUCK! But by the end, he realizes that best friends make the day worth celebrating! For content: he is a Frankenstein monster in the illustrations, so if your students may be scared of that, keep it in mind. They also do make a reference to underwear once in the book, but not in an inappropriate way.

No-Prep Valentine’s Day Resources

A teacher-approved list of videos for Valentine's Day read-aloud books. Perfect for students in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade!

Looking for some great lessons to do with the students after watching these Valentine’s Day read-aloud books? Check out this amazing assortment of no-prep printables! It includes close reads, vocabulary, alphabet writing practice, writing pages, CVC words, number writing, missing number hundreds chart, and so much more! Click here to get all these activities today!

A teacher-approved list of videos for Valentine's Day read-aloud books. Perfect for students in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade!

This post was written by Johanna, an experienced early elementary teacher who loves learning about new teaching ideas for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade!

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