Wash Your Hands Activities

Kindergarten is dirty. Germs are everywhere and it’s so important to keep your hands clean. And so here is a list of hand washing videos previewed by us and a free hand washing book for your students.

Teach your students to properly wash their hands with these awesome resources and videos!

This article works well with these two Simply Kinder resources:

Wash Your Hands by the Singing Walrus (3:20)

I love this song because it is repetative with the steps. It also tells you all the times to wash your hands so it’s really good for kinders!

Germs for Kids by Kidboomers (1:34)

This is a great little song that reminds kids to wash their hands because of germs. I like this one because it like an old school rock song.  Very catchy.  (There’s even an Elvis guy that’s super fun).  

Can’t Nobody Call Me Germy (1:35) by Ms. Bartolomeo

This is an amazing video shared in our teacher Facebook group.  This music teacher created the parody about being germy.  (You will be singing it!  So fun!) 


Be Germ Smart by Saskatchewan Health Authority (4:49)

This is a fun song about germs and how they spread.  “Let’s go make some more people sick.”  There is so many important details about all the things that need to be cleaned.  

Germs Song by Sing Song Along (2:38)

This is another song about germs.  This song addresses not touching your face and not touching things. “If you spread your drool all over the school, you’ll end up in the hospital.”  This one is PERFECT for kindergarten.  

Wash Your Hands by Hooray Kids Songs (2:39)

This song does a great job of showing the germs on the child’s hand.  The fingers get little talking germs so your students will think it is fun.  


Wash Wash Wash Your Hands by Toys and Colors (3:26)

I love this video because it has real kids in real situations where they need to wash their hands.  

How to Handwash by World Health Organization (1:26)

This video was not necessarily made for kids, but it is very detailed in how to wash your hands appropriately.  Great for students to see.  

Super Star Hand Washing (3:07)

This is a great video because it goes over why, when, and how.  It also has a catchy song the kids can sing while they wash (although I might have my students do it longer than 20 seconds). 

Wash My Hands by Jack Hartmann (3:08)

This is a fun video where Jack raps (LOL) about the steps to wash your hands! So fun.

Teacher approved videos on hand washing from Simply Kinder
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