Winter Break Homework

Dec 15, 2019 | All Posts, Christmas, December, Freebies, Parents, Real Life, Winter | 0 comments

Winter Break is just around the corner, and you may be thinking should I give my students Winter Break Homework?

Well, this is a loaded question because you want them to not lose what they learned in your class, but you know they also need a break.

This question comes up a lot around big breaks at school and so we decided to help you out a little with this free Ultimate Kindergarten Winter Break Bucket List.  OK, it’s more like a teachers bucket list for students but it get’s the job done! 

Each item on this list will help build vocabulary, speaking skills, counting, numbers, following multi-step directions, and help build bonds with people they love.

We also made this list editable so you can change the title (maybe your it to say Winter Break Homework) or maybe you want to change the directions (and ask students to check off at least 10 and return after break).  The list is also editable, so if you want to move or change them you can.  (The bullets are an uppercase O FYI).


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