10 Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Classroom

Love is in the air and it’s time to plan for some Valentine’s Day fun in your classroom. Card exchanges and treats are on the menu, and we’ve got some exciting activities to make your day even sweeter. Keep reading for 10 Valentine’s Day Ideas for the classroom.

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#1 – Heart Hunt

Write numbers on foam heart stickers and hide them around your classroom. Students will find the hearts and use them to complete a math activity. Some ideas are below.

  • Write a sequence of numbers on the hearts. Students will work together to get the hearts in order once they have all been found.
  • Write numbers 1 – 5 on hearts. Students will find a set number of hearts and create addition/subtraction facts to solve.
  • Write numbers to 20 on hearts. Students will represent the numbers they find with math manipulatives.

#2 – Love Monster Book Companion Activities

Read the book Love Monster as a class. Choose activities from Simply Kinder’s Love Monster Book Companion Bundle to pair with the book.

  • Build and create Love Monster hats.
  • Complete themed phonics and math centers.
  • Fill out a graphic organizer after reading the book.

Grab your Love Monster Book Companion HERE at Simply Kinder.

# 3 – Conversation Heart Words

Use Conversation Heart candy to practice encoding. Students will use the candy hearts to build words and practice specific skills you have covered in class. These also add a festive touch to word mapping mats.

# 4 – Love Bug Name Craft

Use Simply Kinder’s Love Bug Name Craft found HERE at Simply Kinder + and create an adorable display for your classroom. This activity is easy to prep and editable. Students will build their love bug using the letters in their name and then add their creative flair when coloring.

# 5 – Build A Heart Challenge

Challenge students to build hearts using various building supplies. Magnetic tiles, LEGO blocks, snap cubes, pattern blocks, and a toothpick/marshmallow combination all work well for this activity.

# 6 – Cookie Cutter Painting

Use heart shaped cookie cutters for students to create a heart stopping masterpiece. Students will dip cookie cutters into paint and then stamp hearts on a sheet of paper. These make a great Valentine’s gift for students to take home to parents.

# 7 – Valentine’s Day Word Bank Writing Center

Transform your writing center into a nook of love. Students can choose from differentiated writing activities to complete. Some options are below. Grab your Valentine’s Day Word Bank Writing Center from Simply Kinder HERE.

  • Label a picture.
  • Write a Valentine letter to someone you care about.
  • Make a Valentine book.
  • Practice sentence writing.
  • Respond to a prompt.

Tip: Leave this center up so students can complete more than one writing activity during February.

# 8 – Heart Chart

Draw a large heart on chart paper. Give students pre-cut hearts out of construction paper. Students will write or draw one reason why they love their class on their hearts. Hang the small hearts inside the large heart.

# 9 – Valentine’s Day BINGO

Play BINGO during your Valentine’s Day party! Grab your Valentine’s Day BINGO set from Simply Kinder + HERE. Students can use candy hearts as BINGO markers for an added treat.

# 10 – Valentine’s Day No Prep Bundle

Simply Kinder has everything you need to make Valentine’s Day a special one in your classroom. Choose from a multitude of phonics, math, and writing activities in our no-prep bundle to make celebrating easy!

  • Literacy Activities
  • Math Activities
  • Coloring Pages
  • Literacy and Writing Centers
  • Vocabulary Writing
  • Valentine Hat

Grab the No Prep Valentine’s Day Activities Bundle HERE at Simply Kinder.

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