Mother’s Day Ideas for Kindergarten

There’s nothing sweeter than the excitement of a child when they create a handmade gift for their parent. Mother’s Day is a great excuse to get crafty in the classroom and create the perfect gift for mom. Check out these easy-to-make Mother’s Day ideas for Kindergarten.

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Mother’s Day Directed Drawing

See it in action here:

This Mother’s Day gift is low-prep and is begging to be displayed for all to see! Students use a template to cut out the letters spelling M-O-M and add a personalized directed drawing of their mom. Print the letters on bright cardstock and guide students through the steps of drawing a portrait of their mom. You can also use the provided craft pieces for students to create a portrait of their mom. Grab your Mother’s Day Craft from Simply Kinder + HERE or Simply Kinder shop HERE!

Flower Handprint Tote Bag

Help mom remember those little hands with a flower handprint tote bag. Grab a bulk pack of white or cream canvas tote bags to create this Mother’s Day idea. Apply paint to students’ hands and have them place their handprints on the tote bag. Add three handprints to create a bouquet of flower handprints. Students will use a paintbrush to add stems to their flower handprints. You can add a homemade card and snacks to the bag to complete this gift.

Mother’s Day Questionnaire

A child’s answers to a questionnaire about their mom are guaranteed to bring some giggles. Students will respond to questions about their mom in this easy-to-do activity. Moms will love to see themselves through their child’s eyes. Students can dictate their responses or write them on their own when completing the questionnaire. Grab your FREE Mother’s Day Questionnaire at Simply Kinder + HERE.

Mini Canvas Magnets

Moms love adding their child’s work to the refrigerator; this gift idea will be perfect. Grab a pack of mini canvases (2″x2″). Students will write I Love You on the bottom using a fine-tip Sharpie. You can add a border to the canvas using the Sharpie. Students will create a heart with their thumbprints and red paint in the middle of the canvas. Add the year to the top of the canvas. Spray the canvas with Mod Podge Spray Sealer and add an adhesive magnet to the back.

Love Jars

Students will write down 10 – 15 reasons why they love their mom on strips of construction paper for this memorable gift. Add strips to a small glass jar or container (baby food jars work well). Use ribbon to tie a handmade gift tag around the jar.

Handprint Dish

This idea takes a few days to prepare, but the finished product is so worth the extra effort. Students will place a deep handprint in air-dry clay. Use an X-acto knife to cut around the handprint. Lay the clay handprint over a small bowl so it can dry in a curved shape. Handprints will take about 2 days to dry. Students can paint them or write on them with Sharpie markers once they are dry. These make a great jewelry dish.


Shrinky Dink Keychains are such a cute gift for Mother’s Day too! Grab a free printable to create your own and read more here! Get your FREE printable on Simply Kinder + here!

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