End of the Year Theme Days in Kindergarten

Wrapping up the school year is always bittersweet. You want to provide meaningful opportunities to review skills learned throughout the year and have fun while doing so. End of the year theme days are the easiest way to keep the learning and excitement going until the last bell rings. Keep reading for tips and ideas on incorporating end of the year theme days.

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Theme Day Tips

Preparing for theme days is exciting and easy! Check out 3 main things to consider when planning for theme days.

1. Theme Day Ideas – the first thing you will need to decide is what themes you want to include for your theme days. Consider the interests and needs of your students when choosing themes. Check out some theme day ideas below.

  • Beach Day
  • Pirate Day
  • Dinosaur Day
  • Sweet Day
  • Camping Day
  • Watermelon and Picnic Day
  • Space Day
  • Popcorn and Movie Day
  • Bubblegum Day
  • Circus Day

2. Theme Day Schedule and Calendar – Schedule your theme days in advance and be sure to work around end of the year dates and activities that take place at your school (field day, awards day, etc.). Create a calendar after finalizing your theme day ideas and schedule. Be sure to include any items that students will need to bring from home. Share the calendar with parents so they can mark their calendars.

3. Theme Day Sign Up – You may want to include some fun snacks or activities with each theme day. Brainstorm a list of items you will need for each theme day. Create a sign up so parents can help contribute to the end of the year fun.

Theme Day Activities

Still unsure of what theme days you want to include? Simply Kinder has created NEW no prep theme day bundles HERE that make adding in theme days a breeze. Here are some fun ideas and activities to pair with your theme days.

Check out the video in action:

Beach Day

Summer is on the brain, and you don’t think about summer without thinking about the beach.

  • Students can bring a beach towel, sunglasses, and hat to read on the “beach” with their favorite book.
  • Enjoy Sand Bucket snacks – individual vanilla pudding cups, crushed vanilla wafers, and festive mini drink umbrellas.
  • Lei Necklace Relay Race – Place Leis in the middle of 2 Hula Hoops. Divide students into teams. Each team will race to grab a Lei until all the Leis are taken.

Check out Simply Kinder Beach Day Bundle Activities:

  • Begin the day by creating Beach Day hats.
  • Create shape sandcastle crafts.
  • Make beach pictures and words out of playdough.
  • Incorporate beach themed math and literacy stations. Students will practice decoding, reading, number order, addition, and so much more.
  • Tons of no prep math and literacy printables.

Grab your Beach Day Theme Day Bundle from Simply Kinder HERE!

Pirate Day

Ahoy Mateys! Gear up for fun with a pirate theme day.

  • Provide pirate eye patches for students to wear. We like to add these to our parent donation sign up.
  • Have a treasure hunt in the classroom. Hide chocolate or plastic gold coins for students to hunt.
  • Enjoy a bag of Pirate’s Booty as a snack.
  • Students can create a treasure map using construction paper shapes.

Simply Kinder Pirate Day Bundle Activities:

  • Make pirate hats to compliment your students’ pirate eye patches.
  • Build a pirate craft using the provided template pieces.
  • Complete a directed drawing and write a story.
  • Literacy Centers – sort CVC and CVCe words and feed the treasure chest decodable words.
  • Math Centers – Partner Pirate Addition game, Tens Blocks Flip and Cover
  • Complete a graphic organizer about pirates and write about them on themed paper.

Grab your Pirate Day Theme Day Bundle from Simply Kinder HERE!

Dinosaur Day

Have a DINOmite day with a dinosaur theme day.

  • Make dinosaur pasta fossils. Provide students with various types of pasta to build a dinosaur skeleton. These can be assembled on playdough to create a fossil or glued to construction paper.
  • Make cardboard dinosaur feet. Cut out dinosaur feet templates from poster board. Include an opening for students to slip over shoes. Students can decorate their dinosaur feet using markers or paint.
  • Use Bugles for raptor claws and a dino themed snack.

Simply Kinder Dinosaur Day Activities are coming soon…

Camping Day

Grab your sleeping bags and flashlights for a camping theme day.

  • Create “tents” using plastic tablecloths and student desks or tables. Students can bring in flashlights from home to read in their tent.
  • Make S’mores in a microwave or by using marshmallow fluff.
  • Students can compete in a tent building challenge using various materials (aluminum foil, toothpicks, popsicle sticks, construction paper, etc.).
  • Use large marshmallows to paint campfire masterpieces.

Simply Kinder Camping Day activities:

  • Write a campfire story.
  • Literacy Centers: Sort digraphs and Feed the Bear CVC words.
  • Math Centers: S’more counting on task cards and camping subtraction game.
  • Make a themed camping hat.
  • Choose from countless literacy and math printables.

Grab your Simply Kinder Camping Theme Day Bundle HERE!

Treats Theme Day

We have a feeling that a theme day centered around sweet treats will be a student favorite.

  • Set up and enjoy an ice cream sundae bar.
  • Practice encoding in multisensory sprinkle trays.
  • Play fill the cup using sweet treat themed mini erasers. Students will roll a die and add mini erasers to a small dish. The first one to fill their cup is the winner.
  • Play ice cream cone addition toss. Students will toss ping pong balls into numbered ice cream cones. They will make an addition sentence using the numbers from the cones where their ball lands.

Simply Kinder Treat Day activities are coming soon…

What are your favorite end of the year theme days and activities? Let us know! Please make sure to tag us on Instagram here or share inside the Simply Kinder Teacher Facebook Group here.

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