End of Year Celebration Ideas for Kinder

It’s hard to believe the end of the school year is quickly approaching! Time to begin planning for your end of the year celebrations. Ending a school year is exciting and exhausting so let us help you with these end of year celebration ideas for kinder. Make sure to grab your free printable end of the year hats too!

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Countdown to Summer

One simple way to celebrate the end of the school year is with a countdown to summer. Some ideas for countdowns are below.

  • ABC Countdown – Choose an activity for each letter of the alphabet and work from A to Z as you countdown the last 26 days of school. Simply Kinder’s Alphabet Countdown can be found HERE if you are interested in implementing this idea. Read more about ABC Countdown here!
  • Balloon Pop – Blow up 10 balloons and place an end of year activity idea inside each balloon. Students can pop a balloon each day and complete the activity inside as you countdown the last 10 days of school.
  • Last Days Chain – Type or write end of year activity ideas on strips of paper. Connect the strips of paper to form a chain. Students can remove a link each morning and complete the fun activity listed on the strip of paper.

Theme Days

Incorporating theme days at the end of the school year is a great way to keep students engaged and celebrate. Check out some theme day ideas below.

  • Beach Day – Students can bring beach towels and sunglasses for a special lunch outside.
  • Camping Day – Drape plastic tablecloths over student tables/desks to create tents. Students can bring a sleeping bag and flashlight for some fun reading time. Make “Walking S’mores” using Teddy Grahams, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips.
  • Ice Cream Day – Make ice cream sundaes or make ice cream in a bag. Enjoy!
  • Disney Day – Wear Disney gear and take a virtual Disneyland field trip. Check out Simply Kinder’s Disneyland virtual trip post HERE for some inspiration.
  • Bubble Day – Make a bubble solution and test it outside using a variety of tools. Give students bubble gum and write the steps needed to blow a bubble. Make bubble art.
  • Glow Day – Transform your classroom into a neon glow party. Check out this post from Simply Kinder for Glow Party Ideas.

End of Year Awards

Completing kindergarten is a monumental milestone for kids and their families. End the year with a celebration of accomplishments.

  • Award Certificates and Dollar Store Gifts – Recognize each student for a unique quality or accomplishment. Use Simply Kinder’s End of Year Awards Certificates found HERE and pair them with fun gifts from the Dollar Store. Read more about pairing Dollar Store gifts with certificates HERE.
  • Roll Out the Red Carpet – Use red butcher paper and create a red carpet vibe for students. Students will walk the “red carpet” to receive their award while parents (paparazzi) take photos.
  • Photo Slideshow – Create a slideshow of photos from the school year that families can watch before the awards ceremony begins.
  • Candy Bar – Create a candy bar where students can make a small treat bag after the ceremony. Check out these fun candy and label ideas below.
    • So Long Suckers – Dum Dums Lollipops
    • Honor Rolls – Tootsie Rolls
    • Book Worms – Gummy Worms
    • Aren’t You a Smartie – Smarties
    • Reach for the Stars – Starburst

Other End of Year Celebration Ideas for Kinder

There are so many ways you can celebrate the end of the school year and your students will enjoy all of the festivities. Here are two more ideas to add to your end of the year celebrations.

  • Time Capsule – Have students bring in a shoebox from home. Students will fill the box with their favorite memories and things from kinder. Students will keep the shoebox and open when they graduate high school.
  • Autograph Signing – Students will collect their classmates’ autographs on a fun item. A beach ball or t-shirt work well for this activity.


Make sure to grab your free printable end of the year hats! A fun way to celebrate with your students. You can grab them for FREE on Simply Kinder + Printable membership here! Learn more about Simply Kinder + printable membership and join here!

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