Alphabet Countdown Ideas

Countdown the end of the school year with a fun Alphabet Countdown. Each day you do an activity for that letter until you review the whole alphabet.

As the year comes to an end we look for ways to celebrate with academic twists.  These Alphabet Countdown Ideas will take you through the last 26 days of school to review the alphabet and have some fun.

You may like these Simply Kinder resources:

These resources above are great for centers or whole group instruction to review the alphabet. Alphabet Crafts are fun to do as standalone crafts or even attach to hats to wear home. The Interactive Alphabet Notebooks are are the perfect whole group alphabet countdown activity to create a journal of activities to review what you learned all year!

And now for some fun Alphabet Countdown ideas by letter:

Letter A

  • Apples – Eat apples and talk about fall learning.
  • Animals – Bring in your favorite stuffed animal.
  • Airplane – Make paper airplanes for the kids (or if they are old enough help them make their own.)
  • Art – Remake your favorite art project with the kids.
  • August birthdays
  • Awards
  • Away we go- acknowledging the Alphabet Countdown
  • Adventure Day.
  • Adjective Day.

Letter B

  • Books – Have kids bring their favorite book from home or read all the class favorite books from the year.
  • Bubbles – Do bubbles during recess or make bubbles during science.
  • Blue – Have everyone wear blue.
  • BINGO.
  • Bananas for snack.
  • Backwards day.
Alphabet Countdown Ideas

Letter C

  • Chalk – Take your lesson outside with some chalk.
  • Cookie – Eat cookies for a snack.
  • Craft – Do an end of year craft or remake your favorite craft from the year.
  • Crazy Hair Day.
  • Colorful Day.  Wear lots of colors or favorite color.
  • Career Day.  Dress like what you want to be when you grow up.
  • Construction Day.

Letter D

  • Dance – Have a dance party with your favorite learning songs.
  • Desk – Let your students pick a new desk for the day.
  • Donut – Have donuts for breakfast.  (Or donut holes).
  • Dinosaur Day – Learn about your favorite dinosaur.
  • Disney Day – Wear a Disney shirt.
  • Dress Up Day – Dress super nice.

Letter E

  • Eat – Eat lunch together.
  • Exercise – Do 100 exercises.
  • Extra Recess.
  • Everyone sits where they want.
  • Experiments.  Fill your day with science.

Letter F

  • Friends – Write a letter to a friend in class or sit by your friend for the day.
  • Fruit – Try some new fruits or eat some favorites.  Or make a fruit salad (ohhh… fun!)
  • Future – Dress up like what you want to be when you grow up.  Or write stories and share about what you want to be.
  • Finger painting.
  • Favorite book.  Let kids bring their favorite books to school.
  • Flubber.
  • Flashlight Day.  Turn out the lights and read with flashlights.
  • Frisbee Day.  Bring a few frisbees for recess.
  • Fairytale Dress Up Day.
  • Fish Crackers for Snack.
  • Flip Flop Day.

Letter G

  • Game – Bring a game from home or play classroom games.
  • Gum – You can chew gum today.
  • Glitter – Make a craft with glitter.
  • Go Noodle.
  • Green Day.  Wear Green.
  • Go Day.  Sit anywhere you want.

Letter H

  • Hat – Students wear hats or you can make your favorite Alphabet Hat that day.
  • Helper – Do a day of service and be a helper.  Help a friend, help someone in another class.  Talk about it and write stories or anchor charts to document.
  • Crazy Hair Day – Come with your crazy hair dos.
  • Hawaii Day.  Do the hula and wear Hawaiian shirts.
  • Happiness Day.  Share what makes you happy.
  • H Brother – Review CH, SH, TH, and WH.

Letter I

  • Ice Cream – Make ice cream sundae and write the process down.
  • Ice Pops – Have an ice pop during recess (it’s probably hot this time of year).
  • Inside Out Day – Wear your clothes inside out.
  • Inspiration Day – Bring something that inspires you (or a picture of someone who does).
  • Insect Day – Learn about insects.
  • Ice Day – Use ice cubes outside to write words.
  • I Day – Come prepared to share something cool about yourself.
  • Dress to IMPRESS day.

Letter J

  • Juice – Have a glass of juice with a friend.
  • Jump Rope – Get some extra exercise in and see how many times you can jump while jump roping.
  • June & July Birthday – Celebrate June and July birthdays this day.
  • Jelly Beans – Do Jelly Bean Math.
  • Jello – Have Jello for snack or write in powdered Jello.
  • Jersey Day – Wear your favorite sports team jersey.

Letter K

  • Kite – Make and fly kites!  It’s most like Spring and a great time to do so.
  • Kickball – Play a game of kickball with your class or a neighboring class.
  • King – Make king crowns and talk about the letter K.
  • Kiss – Read The Kissing Hand and eat Hershey Kisses.
  • Kindness – Do random acts of kindness today.
  • Kettle Corn – Eat kettle corn.
  • Koo Koo Kangaroo – Watch these fun dudes on Go Noodle!

Letter L

  • Lollipop – Have a yummy lollipop and talk about your senses.
  • Luau – Come dressed in your Hawaiian best.  Learn to hula dance.
  • Legos – Make something with Lego’s and write about it.
  • Lemonade – Make it from scratch.
  • Letters to Incoming Kinders – SO FUN!
  • Lights Out Day – Go through the day with no lights!  Have kids bring flashlights.
  • Ladybug Day.  Read the Grumpy Ladybug.
Alphabet Countdown Book

Letter M

  • Music – Celebrate your year with your favorite classroom songs.
  • Movie – Show a movie (educational, of course)!
  • Mismatch – Have students come wearing crazy clothes that don’t match.
  • Mustache – Get the kids mustaches to wear for the day.  (Sometimes I make the kids mustaches on tape with a Sharpie.)
  • M&M Math – A great day to do some counting and graphing with M&M’s.
  • Magic – Find some simple magic tricks to teach your kids.
  • Memory Day – Draw and write about your favorite memory.
  • Mom Day – Make cards for Mother’s Day.
  • Marker Day – Ditch the crayons and use markers today.

Letter N

  • Notes – Write notes to your friends and family on different note paper.  You can even do an old school fold for them.  LOL
  • Necktie – Wear a necktie today.  Or make one.
  • Necklace – Fancy necklace day.
  • Necktie & Necklace Day.
  • Ninja Day – Read all about ours here.
  • Name Day – Everyone chooses a new name for the day.
  • Next Year Day – Visit first grade.
  • Neon Day – Wear bright neon colors.
  • Noodles – Do noodle art or write your name with noodles and glue.

Letter O

  • Oreos – Yum.  Find out how kids like to eat their Oreos.
  • Orange – Have students wear orange today.
  • Occupation Day – Have visitors come and talk about their jobs.
  • Outside Day – Do most of your lessons outside.
  • Oobleck – Messy but fun.
  • Opposite Day – Flip your schedule around.

Letter P

  • Popcorn – Have a popcorn snack.  It’s fun to pop it in an old school popper on a sheet too.  Kids will get so excited to see it fly!
  • Picnic – Take your lunches outside and have a picnic.
  • Pirate – Talk like a pirate day.
  • Pajamas – Wear your pajamas today.
  • Play-Dough – Do lots of activities today with Play-Dough.
  • Prince and Princess Day – Make crowns.
  • Pirate Day – Talk like pirates.  Everything ends with ARRRRRRH.
  • Pete the Cat Day – Celebrate this fun book.

Letter Q

  • Quiet – Have a super quiet day.  Shhh Everyone.
  • Question – Have a question day.  Each student gets a turn to answer questions.
  • Quilt – Make a classroom quilt where each student gets a square.
  • Q U Wedding – Celebrate the love of Q and U.

Letter R

  • Rainbow – Students dress in their favorite color during this day.  Do a review of all your colors this day too.
  • Reading – Have a reading day.  Students can bring in books or do a reading power hour.
  • Running – Go for a run as a class.
  • Relay Races – Have some fun running against your classmates.  Do some relay races or try to add some academics to them.
  • Read Rainbow Fish.
  • Root Beer Floats – Follow the directions and then write about it before you enjoy them.
  • Red – Wear red.
  • Rotation Day – Plan with other teachers and rotate rooms.

Alphabet Countdown Ideas

Letter S

  • Sing – Sing your favorite songs.
  • Silly Socks – Wear your craziest socks.
  • Sunglasses – Wear your sunglasses.
  • Shaving Cream – Do some learning with shaving cream on your desks.  It’s also a great way to clean your desks!
  • Science – Do some fun kindergarten science activities.
  • Stuffed Animal Day – Students bring in their favorite stuffed pet.
  • Sports Day – Do lots of sports.
  • Skittles.
  • Synonym Day – Learn about Synonyms.

Letter T

  • Toy – Bring in your favorite toy.
  • Treat – Teacher brings kids a treat today.
  • T-Shirt – Wear your class or school shirt.
  • Teacher – Have kids take turns being the teacher.
  • Tie Day – Make and wear neckties.  (Just trace on paper and hang with a paperclip).
  • Talent Show – Have a class talent show.
  • Thank You Day – Write thank  you notes to staff members on campus.
  • Tie Dye Day – Make or just wear tie dye shirts.

Letter U

  • USA Day – Wear red, white, and blue.
  • Under – Work under your desk today.
  • Upside-down Day – Flip your schedule around.
  • Uniform Day – Do or don’t wear a uniform (depending on what you do on other days).
  • University Day – Wear a shirt for your favorite university.

Letter V

  • Vacation – Dress like you are going on vacation.  Or plan a class trip through your lessons like to the jungle or beach.  Or take a virtual field trip.
  • Vegetables – Taste test some vegetables.  Graph which one you like the most.
  • Visit First Grade
  • Viola – Show your kids some magic.
  • Video Day – Watch a movie.
  • Volunteer Appreciation – Write notes to the classroom volunteers.
  • Violet Day – Wear Violet.

Letter W

  • Water – Have a water day with water games.
  • Walk – Go for a walk around the campus.
  • Waffle Day – Make and eat waffles!  Yum.
  • Watermelon – Have this yummy treat with your kids.  Watermelon crafts are great for being so close to summer too!
  • Weather – Learn about weather and read Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.
  • Wacky Day – Wear your clothes wacky; inside out or backwards.
  • Watch a Movie.
  • Where’s Waldo Day – Hide pictures of Waldo around your room for the kids to find all day.

Letter X

  • eXercise – Do some exercises like yoga or step aerobics.  (LOL)
  • eXchange – Do a classroom exchange.  Have kids bring in an old toy or book and then the kids can trade.  (Get parent permission first, of course, and have lots of extras you bring from home just in case.)
  • X Marks The Spot – Have a scavenger hunt in your classroom or on campus.
  • eXtra Recess – Load your day with extra recess.
  • eXchange Autographs.

Letter Y

  • Yellow – Everyone wears yellow today.
  • Y0-Y0 – Bring in a yo-yo and teach the kids how to do it.  Ask kids to bring in yo-yo’s if they have them.
  • You – Celebrate each kid and have a class birthday party.
  • Yum & Yuck – Do some taste testing and figure out what is yum and what is yuck.
  • Yarn Art – Always fun.

Letter Z

  • Zip Up Your Backpack and Head Home
  • Zero – Do another Zero the Hero day.  Work with 10’s this day and eat donuts.
  • Zoo – Learn about animals.
  • Zoom Day – Make this a super fast day (it is your last day after all.)
  • Zip Up and Out
  • Zoom Off to First Grade
  • Zig-Zag Art

Other fun things to do as you do your Alphabet Countdown:

  • Use the kids names as your activity and make them a special person for the day.  Others can write stories about that student.  Then fill the days that students don’t start with those letters with fun activities.  (Some days may have 2.)
  • It’s also a great time to do some more practice with the alphabet by doing Alphabet Hats or Interactive Alphabet Notebooks.
Alphabet Countdown Activities

I made this fun book to go along with your Alphabet Countdown activities.  Each day your students will practice writing the given letter, as well as draw a picture and write a sentence for that days activities.   It includes a parent flyer, donation letter, and 68 pre-filled pages for ideas.  It also includes blank and editable pages so you can add your own ideas to your lessons.  The parent flyer and donation letter are also editable so you can completely customize it to your class.  This will make it SO MUCH EASIER and a lot more academic because of the writing piece.

There you have it, my ultimate list of Alphabet Countdown Ideas.

Do you do an Alphabet Countdown?  What ideas do you do?

Be sure to check out our other End of Year Activities.  You will especially love our Thank You Gift For Volunteers.  

You can also review the alphabet with this fun Editable Alphabet Memory Book.

Editable Alphabet Memory Book

You pick one memory for each letter.  You can have your students draw a picture OR you can insert clipart OR actual photos into their books!   For each letter the students practice writing it correctly AND write a few sentences so it is TOTALLY academic.

Alphabet Memory Book
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