Teacher-Approved Presidents’ Day Videos

This ultimate list of teacher-approved Presidents’ Day videos will engage and inform your students. Start your lesson with these videos!

It’s hard to find good Presidents’ Day Videos for kids!  As a teacher, I don’t really think it’s appropriate to talk to my kids about Abraham Lincoln being assassinated or about the battles George Washington had and so many videos I found seemed to have parts where I was just not comfortable.  So we made you a list of Presidents’ Day videos that are teacher-approved!

This article features these Simply Kinder resources:

President’s Day for Kids (2:30)

This is a quick video practicing the presidents that are on US money.  It’s a simple song that repeats itself so the kids will be able to sing along very quickly!

The Life of George Washington (2:21)

This is a great Scholastic video that covers many facts in a developmentally appropriate way!  “George did a great job in the Army.”  Perfect for our little learners.

Presidents' Day Videos

 We have these easy readers that are just perfect for your preschool, kindergarten, and first-grade students to have their own little story about the presidents.   Click here to get this direct on Simply Kinder or here on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Easy to read books for Presidents Day from Simply Kinder.

Presidents – Fun Facts! (3:25)

This is a very casual video with lots of facts.  It is very conversational and relatable to kids, “I would veto math tests.”  There are lots of facts about specific presidents and about the overall position too!  There are also lots of crazy tidbits like Lincoln Logs being named after Abraham Lincoln.  Click here to watch it now on YouTube.

The President!  (1:48)

This is a quick look at Washington and Lincoln Harry Kindergarten style!  This song is loaded with facts and is also very catchy and full of rhymes that your kids will love!

This is a fun video to show when using our Presidents Research Reports with Crafts.  Each president included has a close read for content, graphic organizers to plan a story, and a report a page that is completely appropriate for kindergarten and first grade.  Each president also includes a craft.  Click here to get this on Simply Kinder or here on TpT.

President Reports perfect for President's Day in kindergarten, and first grade. Students will listen to close read, plan a report, and write it. Oh - and a cute craft for each president included in the set.

Kid President Meets the President of the United States of America (3:49)

Kid President gets to meet President Obama in the oval office.  Students will get to look around the office where the President works and ask him a few questions.  It’s unusual to see Kid President so quiet and shy so if you watch this video it will also lead a great discussion about being proud and humble!

The President Song (1:46)

This is a great video that shows a real photo for each president set to the tune of America the Beautiful.  If you want your students to learn the name of the presidents, this would be a great way to help them remember.

Have you found any other great videos for teaching about the presidents?  Please comment below! And check out our other election resources here:

Teacher approved list of Presidents Day videos for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students from Simply Kinder.

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