Dental Health Videos

Dental Health month is among us and what better way to support your dental health instruction than a list of teacher approved dental health videos.

Each of these videos really drives home the importance of taking good care of your teeth by brushing and flossing every day, visiting the dentist regularly, and eating healthy foods.

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Crest Dental Defenders  (7:23)

Join three superheroes as they take an adventure inside someone’s mouth and help clean their teeth. They will explain the importance and how to of brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash.

Meet the Dental Defenders by Colgate (16:45)

Dental Defenders. A great video for Dental Health Month for your preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students.

With the help of Dr. Brushwell and Dr. Rabbit, The Tooth Defenders attack Placulus to save Tooth City. This video explains how to have complete dental health.  Click here to view it on the Colgate website.

How to Have a Bright Smile by Colgate (5:19)

Colgate video on how to brush your teeth.  Great for Dental Health Month for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students. (Check out our other Dental Health video suggestions too).

In this video, Dr. Rabbit really focuses on how to properly brush your teeth and the importance of using the right tools for brushing. He also what will happen if you do not brush properly using the right tools: cavities.  This video is also stored on Colgate’s website.  Click here to view it.

How to Brush Your Teeth Properly by My Kid’s Dentist (3:29)

This short video gives the nitty gritty of good oral hygiene. It uses appropriate vocabulary and visuals to really explain how our littles can take care good care of your teeth.

The Adventures of CaptnDave: Kids Healthy Teeth Dentist Adventure by CaptnDaveAdventures (7:41)

CaptnDave uses song and dance to convince Bobby Monkey it is ok to go to the dentist. He also visits a “dentist” who explains the importance of visiting a dentist 2 times a year. (The actual episode is only from 1:35-6:49…the rest is introduction and advertisements)

These are great videos to pair with our Happy Teeth Dental Health Activity Book.  This fun tooth-shaped book is loaded with activities to talk about the important facts about teeth.  Each page is interactive, so you read the simple sentence and do the fun activity like brush the teeth or glue on left over food. Click here to check it out.

Happy Teeth Dental Health Book filled with actives for your preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students.  Each page is a simple sentence and matching activity like brushing the teeth or glueing on left over food.

Billy Blue Hair- Why do I Have to Brush my Teeth? By Billy Blue Hair (7:43)


Billy Blue Hair explains the job of the dentist and the importance of going to the dentist regularly.

The Carter Family Episode 10: Going to the Dentist (3:46)

I think most children (adults, too) can relate to how Oliver feels when he doesn’t want to go to the dentist. After a little coaxing and allowing him to bring his teddy bear, he agrees to go and finds out going to the dentist isn’t bad at all.

Child’s First Trip to the Dentist by LivioniaDentalGroup (8:20)

This video is of a young girl that is visiting the dentist for the first time. I love this video because it is “real life”, perfect for anyone that maybe has never visited the dentist before.

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