Valentine’s Day Videos

Valentine’s Day Videos for Kindergarten

Let’s be honest, there are times when you just need a good video to show in your classroom.  And there are some great Valentine’s Day Videos that you can use in your classroom to cover concepts like friendship, love,  or are just a good brain break!

Today is the Day for Valentines (2:53)

This sweet little song tells kids what Valentine’s Day is all about.  It talks about sharing and showing love to family and friends.  This is a good little video to start off with!  “They tell you someone wants to share and love is what they are sharing.”  Super cute!

Jack Hartmann’s Valentine’s Day Dance (2:49)

This is a great song to play on the day of your Valentine’s Day Party if you need a couple of minutes to set up the next activity you have planned but don’t need the “help” of your sugar-induced students.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Valentine’s Day.  So many fun activities you can implement.  And, of course, we have Our Valentine’s Day Snap Cubes.  Click here to check them out.


Happy Valentine’s Day, George! (12:24)


This Curious George episode is a little tricky to find but if you are looking for a movie to show your students with Valentine’s Day theme this is an option.  To get to it you go to www.PBSkids.org/video.  Then on the right-hand side, you scroll until you find Curious George.  That will start playing George episodes but if you click browse underneath that character list it will open up the episode list so you can select it.  The full episode is called Happy Valentine’s Day, George, and is 12:24 in length.

Give Your Heart a Valentine Song (1:28)


A quick funny song about being healthy at Valentines!  Eating healthy and going for a walk set to a catchy tune to remind kids to be healthy!  This quick video will make your kids laugh and give them some ideas to stay healthy!

Valentine’s Day Song for Children H-E-A-R-T (3:07)

Help your students spell the word HEART with this soft little tune set to the tune of BINGO.  Students will be spelling the word heart in no time!  (And it’s super cute because the song says “the heart shapes says I love you” so the kids will get all embarrassed!)

The Fox and the Stork (4:28)


A great little fable about playing a trick on your friend.  This little video has text at the bottom and is read at the perfect pace for your readers to read along!

Kid President’s 20 Things We Should Say More Often (3:31)

Kids love corndogs, bodily noises, and FRIENDS! This video is funny and offers a great question that can lead to a wonderful class discussion (or writing prompt) this time of year. Which one of these could you work on or improve?   “Life is tough, but so you are.”  Lots of good messages and you surely could play this video every day!

Red Heart, Red Heart, What Do You See? (2:08)

This is a video of a felt board story practicing colors!

This video is great to talk about colors and counting.  It also works really nice with our Conversation Heart Science unit for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade.  These experiments all follow the same format so kids can focus on the science and not the printable.  Click here to check it out.

Conversation Heart Science for preschool, kindergarten, and first grades. These experiments are easy to follow and loaded with learning! Kids will love.

Max and Ruby:  Valentine’s Day Compilation! (1:10:42)

Valentine's Day Videos for Kindergarten

This is a compilation of several Max and Ruby episodes that support love and friendship!  (Be careful of ads on this video, I was not able to skip them.)

Little Bear’s Valentine’s Day (24:11)

Valentine's Day Videos for Kids

Little Bear gets an anonymous Valentine and tries to figure out who it is from!  Follow along as he tries to figure out who gave it to him!  (Beware of the ads running before this vide0 – I got a Showtime ad.)

Timothy Goes to School:  Be My Valentine (13:00)
Valentine's Day Videos for Kindergarten

So this video contains two episodes of Timothy Goes to School, so fast forward to 13:10 to start the Valentine’s Day episode.  Watch Timothy and his friends prepare for and have a Valentine’s Day party in class including exchanging cards, treats, and a special game at the end!

Lava (Short from Inside Out) (5:43)

A Pixar Short about love that just really touches my heart!  My family got to see this about 2 months before the movie was released when we were special guests for Mother’s Day at Disney World.  A great little story about love and friendship and being happy.  And kids love volcanos and this movie also spins some learning into the love story!  Just love this one.  Never gets old!

There you have it, some great Valentine’s Day Videos to use in your classroom.

Teacher approved list of Valentine's Day videos for kids!

Do you have any more?  Leave a link in the comments below!

Looking for classroom printables and activities for Valentine’s Day?  Check out our Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Presidents Day Videos

This activity goes welll with:

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