Jelly Bean Math Freebie

Grab this free Jelly Bean Math Graphing printable! It’s a great way to use some hands-on manipulatives (jelly beans) to practice math skills!

I love to incorporate candy when I can! Here’s some free jelly bean math activities for graphing, sorting, and tallying!  (Download information is all the way at the bottom of this post). Or if you’re a member of Simply Kinder +, you can download it INSTANTLY here!

I provided with colors and without because last year I had to white out colors when I could not find the exact colors on the freebie I used! So frustrating to have to search for jelly bean bags with specific colors!   This download includes three activities:  graphing, sorting, and tallying.

Free Jelly Bean Math Printables from Simply Kinder!
Free Jelly Bean Math Printables from Simply Kinder!
Free Jelly Bean Math Printables from Simply Kinder!

This activity goes well with:

One other fun thing I like to do is give the kids their beans in plastic eggs!  Sometimes I even hide them in the classroom.  It really is a management thing because instead of passing them out or putting them in bags I have them ready to go when the lesson starts in eggs!  =)  (Gotta find ways to keep the fun right!)

Free Jelly Bean Math Printables from Simply Kinder!

Download also comes with a parent letter to get donations of jelly beans from your students (if you are doing with your class!)

I also came up with another fun idea that you can surely do with these materials.  Number the eggs, fill them with a certain number of jelly beans, and have the students find and record how many jelly beans are in each egg.  So egg #1 has 13 beans.  Egg #2 has 16 beans.  Then have the students put them back where they found them so others can find them.  I did this activity just on our numbered spelling paper!

Free Jelly Bean Math Printables from Simply Kinder!

Kids LOVE Jelly Bean Math!

Do you like to learn with jelly beans?   What activities do you do?

Spring is also a great time to do some Peeps Science!  Be sure to check out our 10 different activities to do with these marshmallow treats!

Peeps Science

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