We’ve been working hard on our number sense and how numbers work together. We’ve moved into adding two numbers together and are ready for some extra practice. This free printable domino addition page will help reinforce this concept.

Free Printable Domino Addition

I love using manipulative during our math time and centers. It makes it feel more like a game to the students. This time we’re using dominos and our counting bears to help us add.

How to play

For this activity, you’ll need dominos, counting manipulatives, a pencil and the free printable at the bottom of the page.

Domino Addition

I have the dominos sorted out and only used numbers that would add up to 10 or less for now. You can always build upon this but for now, we’re just working up to 10.

The student grabs a domino and places it on the paper. They write each number on the page and then can use their manipulative to help them solve the equations.

Domino Addition

The student love adding this way and think it’s a fun game they get to play.

You can download the domino addition sheet below.

What is your favorite way for the students to practice their addition?

Domino Addition