Disneyland Virtual Field Trip

Take your students on a virtual field trip this school year to the one and only Disneyland with these teacher-approved videos. No need to be stuck inside the classroom or home when you can provide your students the experience of traveling to Disneyland! Keep reading to find out how!

Disneyland is one of our favorite places to visit as a family and so it is only fitting we help teachers have a virtual field trip there. In this article, we will load you up with videos to visit Disneyland with your students. Many videos are long, so we suggest you show the parts you love the most!

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Please note, we did our best to find videos with little background noise but you are at a crowded theme park. Please let us know if you find or hear anything that should be replaced. Thanks.

The Hub at Disneyland. This is a tour around the center of Disneyland. Here you can access most lands, see the Walt and Mickey statue, and see the castle. If you have been to Disneyland before, this video captures the sights, the sounds, and feeling perfectly! (You may want to skip in about 20 seconds or so). *

We always go to Tomorrowland first. This video walks you down the walkway and shows you everything. The sounds in this one is great because it has everything from the Astro Orbiter announcement to the music over by Space Mountain! *

Our first ride is almost always Astro Orbiter! This is a super quick video that your students will enjoy! *

Next is Astro Blasters. This is a fun ride because many students know the movie, Toy Story. *

Are you ready to ride SPACE MOUNTAIN? This 3 and half minute video walks you through the last section of the line and takes you on the ride! Hold on, friends! *

Now we are off for a drive! Buckle up and have fun at Autopia! *

Straight off of Autopia and onto Finding Nemo! Another great ride because students know the storyline. *

And now we are off to the Matterhorn! This fun filled bobsled ride will have you sitting on the edge of your seat! *

From there we grab some popcorn at the cart right outside the exit and head back to It’s a Small World – one of my FAVORITE rides. Try not to ride this one with a smile and sing! *

Now we are off to Toon Town! We usually go straight to Mickey’s house so we can say hi to him and Pluto! *

Right from the exit we head to Gadget’s Go Coaster! This is fun for all ages! *

From there we usually head to Main Street for Lunch. It’s a great break in the day to sit and relax and also puts us in the right spot to enter Fantasy Land through the Sleeping Beauties Castle! *

Another classic – Peter Pan’s Flight! Off to NEVERLAND we GOOOOO! *

Now it’s time for the Mad Hatter’s Teacups! Hold on tight and we hope everyone has a very merry unbirthday! (Watching this makes me sick). *

Next it’s over to the Dumbo the Flying Elephant – a Disney classic! *


And now we are off to Frontierland! Here is a tour of that whole part of the park! *

Our favorite ride in the whole park – Thunder Mountain! Look for the snake and the goat! *

And we are off to Adventure Land! *

Our first stop is ALWAYS a Dole Whip and the Tiki Room! *

Off the the Jungle Cruise. Just use cautious with this one as they use weird humor on this ride. <3

Next is Indiana Jones. This is a FUN ride that many of your students may not have been on because of height requirements! *

Now to Pirates of the Caribbean at New Orleans Square. Another ride to use caution with just because of the theme. *

And we are off to the Haunted Mansion. Another ride you will want to think about showing because of the theme of ghosts and whatnot. Still a fun ride and you can even find the holiday version on YouTube. *

As we continue on the path, we end up at Winnie the Pooh ride at Critter Country! *

Are you ready for Splash Mountain? Do you want to get wet? Will you wear anything to keep you dry? Will you be scared? *

One last land – Galaxy’s Edge! Here is a complete walkthrough with all the sights and sounds. *

This is a fun ride because you take part in it. If you are the driver and you turn left, the ride feels like it is going left! if you are the gunner, you shoot the guns on the Millennial Falcon. Watch to the very end and get to see Chewbacca too! *

I have not personally been on Rise of the Resistance just yet, but it LOOKS amazing. It’s all new technology for Disneyland and I can’t wait to go on it. Maybe some of your students have been on it? *

But you cannot visit Disneyland without taking in some parades! Here are a few of our favorites over the years!


Magic Happens Parade (8:15). This parade features many classic favorites as well as Moana, Coco, and Frozen 2 (and a Frozen classic too). THIS IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO on the whole page! This is a must show! *

This is one of my favorite parades – Mickey’s Soundsational Parade (29:59). This parade also includes Lion King, Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins and More. *

And at the end of the day, we watch Fantasmic and/or Fireworks!

If you are lucky enough to get tickets, Fantasmic is a great end of the evening show that combines water, lasers, and fireworks.

If you have not experienced fireworks at Disneyland, you are in for a treat! *

There are also some GREAT videos that show so much of Disneyland in one video.

This video is about 6 minutes and shows all of the MUST SEE things quickly.

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