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Mask Friendly Teacher Badge

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Let students and teachers see your smiling face even with a mask on with these personal teacher badges.  Read below to find detailed directions on how to make your own mask friendly teacher badge to welcome students into your classroom!

With teachers (and students) having to wear masks in school, it can feel very impersonal. We have been thinking and trying to come up with a way to let your students see your bright smiling face when your mouth is covered.

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While out shopping for their 2020 Teacher cups (click here) we figured it out. You see, the barista had a name badge with just her smiling face on it. She wore it close to her face so you could easily see it. It was not a work name badge, but just one to let everyone see her beautiful smiling face. I thought to myself, teachers need this too! So I complimented her and here we are.

We picked up our supplies at Office Depot, but we included Amazon links so you can get it with Prime. You will need:

As I was making them though, I was thinking to myself how can we step this up a little? So when we inserted our photo we left some blank space so we can write on the word of the day or whatever else a teacher might want to remind their student of.

We literally just put our photo on the template, printed on regular paper, and laminated using our Scotch Laminator. We put the clip on, wrote the word of the day, and were all set.

Write on the badge like you would any other laminated resource in your classroom (I prefer Vis-a-vi pen).

Super simple. You could even get fun with them and make fun faces and wear different ones each day or even make them for your students too! Be sure to share with us if you do this in the Simply Kinder Facebook Group.

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