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Starbucks Teacher Cup 2020

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The new Starbucks Teacher Cups are the cutest but difficult to find in store. We have the scoop on how to help you snag your adorable Starbucks Teacher Cup today! Keep reading to find out where you can locate one for yourself or your favorite teacher!

You are seeing them ALL over social media – the Starbucks Teacher Cup 2020! These things are SO adorable and I don’t know a single teacher who does not want one! And today we have some tips on how to find them.

No matter what grade you teach, the lined writing paper and pencil straw are seriously the cutest. This cup is their normal 24 oz tumbler. The tag shows US $16.96 and CAN $23.95. I have a transparent ombre cup (fading to clear at the top) with a a paper design (it is not color changing). The lid is navy blue and the pencil is an adorable pencil topped eraser. The SKU is 011112552. But we have heard a few other things that have helped teachers find them….

We have been reading the posts and here’s what we have seen teachers say that may help you find one:

  • Teachers are finding them at Target Starbucks.
  • Teachers are also finding them at Starbucks in SOME stores. We found ours at a Safeway in AZ. We have also heard they have been seen at Targets, Fred Meyers, Kroger, and Vons. One teacher was told that they are licensed and will only be available in Targets and Grocery stores.
  • Call ahead and ask if they have them.
  • Look at rural locations – stores maybe at the outskirts of town (that’s where we found ours). Or maybe check retirement communities too.
Teachers are still finding the above cups (June 28th we had a teacher in our group say that a Starbucks by them just put them out). But today we have noticed a few other cups that are very teacher-y you may love!

I just love this print – so many teacher items in it like pencils, and I even believe there is an apple on there somewhere. This design came with LOTS of styles too – the ceramic cups, plastic tumblers, etc.

These cups look very much like a Notebook to me. And they come with stickers you can add to your cup. (Images like the above cups).

We found both of these at a Target Starbucks in Peoria, AZ on June 29th.

Good luck finding your teacher cups friends!

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