100th Day Fashion Show

A 100th Day Fashion Show is the best way to celebrate reaching a new milestone with your students at school.  Each year on the 100th day, we roll out the red “carpet” and deck ourselves out in our 100th day outfits for our big celebration!

First I send home a letter to parents about a couple of weeks in advance and ask them to decorate an article of clothing with 100 of something.  It can be as simple as stickers on a shirt to as complex as army men sewn on a hat.  There are plenty of ideas floating around on the internet if they get stuck.  Just let the creative juices flow a see the awesome garments that come in.

A 100th day fashion show is a great way to celebrate reaching 100 days of school with your kindergarten students.

Students wear their items to school on the 100th day.  I have had hats, scarves, capes, shirts, necklaces, hair bows, dresses, and signs all come in!  It is amazing to see the creativity that goes into this family project.

I always get out extra stickers for students who don’t come dressed up so that they can add them to their clothing.  I also leave out string and beads so students can make a necklace if needed.  My students have always appreciated this.

I pull a long strip of red paper and add a fun sign on my door.  Mine usually says “I am 100 days Smarter”.  I like to jazz it up with streamers as well.  Students walk, dance, and strut down the red carpet.  Classmates clap, sing, and dance along on the sides while watching.  We end with a dance party to celebrate being 100 days smarter because who doesn’t love a dance party?

A 100th day fashion show is a great way to celebrate reaching 100 days of school with your kindergarten students.

Happy 100th Day of School!

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