3 FREE Snowman Math Sheets

Celebrate winter with these FREE printable snowman math sheets. This set will help your Kindergarten students practice their basic math skills during the winter! As an added bonus we’ve added in some great snowmen storybooks and learning activities as well.

FREE snowman math sheets

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Do you need some easy sheets to help students practice some basic math skills? We got you covered!

3 snowman math sheets

You will find three options in these no prep snowmen math sheets. All of them will practice counting and cardinality. Just download and print!

The first worksheet helps children practice using number words. Kids have to count the number of snowballs in the box and write the correct number name. The correct words are featured in the word bank to help students struggling with this concept.

The second worksheet features ten frames. As you know ten frames are simple tools that allow students to “see” numbers. Understanding that numbers are composed of tens and ones is an important foundational concept and prepares kids to work with larger numbers. The kids have to read the number and color in the correct number of squares to match

The third worksheet asks the students to compare two numbers and pick the larger one. Students look at the numbers on each picture and then color the picture with the larger number.

FREE snowman math sheets

These printables are great for practicing basic math skills. They help with the following common core standards.

  • Know number names
  • Compare two numbers between 1 and 10 presented as written numerals
  • Understand the relationship between numbers and quantities.
  • Count to answer “how many?” questions.

To get your free snowman math sheets just click on the button below.

Looking for more snowmen and winter activities?

Snowmen are a fun addition to a winter theme, so let’s add in a few extras for you to enjoy.

Three fabulous books about snowmen

Snow Party by Harriet Ziefert

A fun book about snowmen who gather for a party to celebrate the first snow.  The illustrations are delightful and make this book a joy to read. This is the prefect book to leave in a literacy center as children enjoy looking at all the details and the text is very simple. Snow Party is a fun seasonal book that appeals to younger children.

Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner

So, what do snowmen do at night?  Well According to this book, they sneak out of our yards and join their friends for all kinds of adventures.  The incredible paintings capture the fun of the rollicking adventures and bring the snowmen to life. I love how each page provides so many different things for the kids to enjoy from action verbs to hidden pictures, and even pickle noses. This is the first book in the series, there is also (Snowmen at Christmas, and Snowmen at Play).

The Biggest Snowman Ever by Steven Kroll

The Mayor of Mouseville announces a contest to see who can build the biggest snowman. Two little mice race each other to win the prize until they realize that together they can build the biggest snowman ever! Filled with adorable pictures this is a great winter story about teamwork and friends working out problems. It would be a wonderful addition to your class library!

Now that you have some books let’s add in some snowmen learning activities

Snowman Learning Activities

dot to dot printable

Snowman Dot to Dot ABCs  This fun printable worksheet gets kids sequencing their alphabet while making a cute snowman they can decorate themselves.

Snow Men With Crayon Carrot Noses These simple snowmen make a great display. The children write stories on the bodies and help put together the snowmen. The best part is the cute orange crayon noses

Your Turn

What are your favorite snowmen learning activities? Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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FREE snowman math sheets


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