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Snowmen With Crayon Carrot Noses

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I wanted to share with you one of my FAVORITE winter projects!   We always make snowmen this time of year, but about 5 years ago when ‘arts and crafts’ was taken way I had to get creative.  So, we make these super cute snowmen, the students write stories for thier bodies, and they assemble in about 20 minutes TOPS!  

But the best part about these snowmen is their noses!  I take break off the kids orange crayons and hot glue them on!  They are absolutely adorable!

So if you want to make these, here are my tips.
1.  Staple the plates together before hand.
2.  Create tracers (mittens, hats, and boots.)  Show kids to trace them on the backs of pattern paper.
3.  Let kids glue on all the peices except the story, that part is probably best you do.
4.  Hot glue the noses yourself too for safety reasons (just to state the obvious.)  Apply the glue, blow on it, then put the crayon.  If you do this it won’t melt and fall.
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