Chapter Books for Kindergarten

Chapter books are a great addition to your kindergarten classroom!  They are good to read to your students and you may even have some kiddos who are ready to read some of them on their own!  So here are 12 chapter books your kindergarteners will love!

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Frankies Magic Soccer Ball is a great series about a boy named Frankie who loves to play soccer!  But they don’t play with any old ball, they play with a magic soccer ball that transports them to different parts of the world to play!  You can read along to see how he fights pirates at sea, plays with cowboys in the wild west, and with goes for the goal mummies in ancient Egypt!  These stories would make excellent read-to’s!

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Shark School chapter books are funny stories about Harry the hammerhead shark!  He is a kind and silly shark who is not scary like  his friends who are great white and a tiger shark! This series takes you through the adventures of Harry as he navigates the world being a “boring, goofy-looking” shark!  There are lots of pictures in this book and the text is larger than the normal chapter book, so these are great chapter books for reading to your kindergarteners or for them to read if they are ready!

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Golden First Chapters – Frozen of course!  Love these chapter books because they are  stories kids already know!  Shown is the Frozen – Anna’s Icy Adventures chapter book follows the Frozen movie exactly and breaks it into chapters!  These chapters are quick and to the point so you can break the storyline apart to talk about it!  Kids will love that they know what’s coming and be able to make connections on a deeper level because of it!  Golden First Chapter stories have many different story lines and will make a great addition to your read-to library!

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Sparky, from the series Magic Bone, is a dog who likes to dig for bones… magic bones that is!  These bones transport him to different parts of the world for his adventures!  London, Hawaii, and even Argentina are all different places he magically goes to in different books!  These are great books for getting a little bit of social studies into your read-to’s and ever better books for your high readers as the language is simple, the print is large, and there are lots of pictures to help paint a picture for your students!

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If you love Junie B. Jones, you will LOVE Phoebe G. Green!  She is a spunky third grader who writes about school, friendship, and the hardships of growing up!  Her stories contain lots of lists which are a great way to model list writing through this text.  I would say this book is more of a read-to book than a self-lead story for kindergarteners.

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Humphrey’s Really Wheely Racing Day series are great stories about the adventures of a classroom pet!  Follow along as Humphrey goes on adventures in his classroom and on the weekends with his classroom friends!  If you have a classroom hamster this is a series your students can really relate to – and if not it would be fun to imagine!  This book makes a great read-to AND a great book for your advanced readers!  The print is nicely spaced and larger than normal so your advanced kinders and your first graders will do well with this book!

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Junie B. Jone’s books are some of the best chapter books to read to your kinders!  If you have never read Junie B. Jones, it’s a great collection of chapter books all about a sassy little school girl!  Book 1 is her very first day of kindergarten and the series goes all the way through her first grade year!  She is a very egocentric little girl who gets into a lot of mischiefs and her mannerisms are often great conversation starters for character development with your kinders!

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The Critter Club is a great series about a trio of best friends who LOVE animals!  These books teach about compassion, leadership, and friendship which are all great conversation starters for your early childhood classrooms!  I love the different books that come in this series.  In particular, I love Amy’s Very Merry Christmas because it is so culturally diverse so it fits into any Holiday’s Around the World unit!  These books make great read-to’s and if you have any super high readers, they may be able to read these stories on their own as well!

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Bad Kitty Gets a Bath is a HILARIOUS story about our favorite cat and his daily adventures!  What I love most about these chapter books is they have lots of pictures and many pages are more picture book in structure than chapter book!  This helps students to not be intimidated by the size of the chapter book and also allows your kinders to be able to independently participate even if they cannot read the words!  Great books to have to read to your whole class and as an option in your library!

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Join Captain Awesome in these adventure stories filled with silliness and humor!  These chapter books are perfect for your beginning readers with large print, perfect spacing, and lots of pictures for support!  These books are differently shaped than the regular chapter books which make them feel a little less intimidating for students!  For kinder though… I would say a great read-to, as even your advanced readers may have trouble with some of the larger words!

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Nate the Great – a classic and staple book for every young reader!  Follow along as Nate gathers facts, asks questions, and narrows in to solve mysteries!  These stories are great for teaching problem-solving and thinking aloud with your students!  They are great for your high readers to read on their own as they have great color pictures and not too many words on a page!

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Cam Jansen – another classic for early childhood!  Join this super-sleuth as she solves mysteries that others around her cannot!  These books are great for thinking out loud, teaching problem solving, and character development!  What I love about these books as a kindergarten teacher is that they are smaller than the other chapter books and if you read a little each day you can quickly finish one book and move onto the next!

What chapter books do you read with your little learners?  Comment below!

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