Kindergarten Teacher Approved Addition Videos

Are you looking for some great Addition Videos?  Well, here is your teacher approved list from Simply Kinder!  We have reviewed these videos and they are all perfect for your early childhood students!

This list of kindergarten teacher approved video is a must-have for your students to get adding and moving! Keep scrolling for the whole list!

These activities work well with these resources:

When You Add with a Pirate – Harry Kindergarten (4:00)

A fun song with lots of pirate-themed addition problems.  Students will not only practice some simple problems, but they will also learn the vocabulary to go along with it!

Counting Song:  Learning Addition by Pancake Manor (1:35)

This is a very easy to learn and repetitive song about sums to five.  You will be singing it by the time it is over!

Free Pirate Math Fact Fluency practice pages perfect for kindergarten and first grade students from Simply Kinder. Students will love using the pirate map to track the facts they know and have fun playing the games!

We love to incorporate these videos into our Pirate Math Fact Fluency practice. Students will use the map to work on specific facts to mastery.  And then they use the many activities to practice their addition skills!  Click here to find out how to get the above printables free.

Addition Rock (2:11)

I am not sure who sings this song, but it’s great for learning doubles!  The kids will love the rock style of this song too!

Add ‘EM Up – Harry Kindergarten (3:19)

Another great Harry Kindergarten song.  This one is fun because it shows ten frames and the kids can literally count along with him using blocks or whatever.

Learn Maths – Addition Part 1/2 (8:17)

Do this video with markerboards in hand because they literally model how to solve addition problems.  The video starts with some animated models of adding objects.  Then at about 1:00 it moves to actual problems for the kids to solve.

Addition Action – Jack Hartmann (2:40)

“Move your body and add this way.”  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Jack even shows you how to add the motions!

Free Pirate Math Center for kindergarten and first grade students from Simply Kinder.

These videos along with the fun activities in our Pirate Math will really help your students strengthen their addition and subtraction skills!   Click here to find out how to get the above printables free.

Meet the Math Facts Song – Preschool Prep Company (7:19)

This video goes through the math facts literally.  Each set of math facts gets it’s own little section of the song.  The kids would love singing along to this.

Pirate Math. A fun way to practice addition and subtraction facts from Simply Kinder.

If you are working on addition, you will love our Pirate Math Bundle.  It is loaded with addition activities and is differentiated to sums of 10 and sums of 20.  Kids will love working their way around the map to master facts and the printables too!  (PS – it also comes with subtraction!)  Click here to see more and download a free sample.

What Numbers Make Ten – Jack Hartmann (3:12)

Another get Jack Hartman song.  “What numbers make 10 every time?”  A great song about math facts with sums of 10!

My Dog Addition – Mr. R’s Songs for Teaching (2:56)

This is a super funny, fast paced song about a dog who eats everything and gains weight.  It starts with sums of ten and ends with 10+9!  It’s cute and your kids will love it!

Addition Hokey Pokey by Dr. Jean (1:55)

Who does not love Dr. Jean.  This is a great review of doubles!

Addition Videos for kids. We reviewed YouTube and found these amazing, teacher approved videos perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade!
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