Apple Print Sight Words and Printable Book Project

This fun fall project lets students make apple prints while practicing sight words, cutting, and pasting. Upon completion, students will have a book made from their apple prints that use six different sight words.  This apple print sight words and printable book project is great for fall, apple studies, apple orchard field trips, or studying Johnny Appleseed.

This activity works well with these resources:

I love doing fall projects that involve apples, but I hate wasting fruit. With this project, you can limit the number of apples that are needed by doing it as a center. We used just two apples and three different colors of paint. Red, yellow, and green make for a colorful book.

Click below to download the free printable apple print book project to complete this sight word and a reading activity.

free printable apple print book project

This project is best done in parts. There are several steps that the students need to complete to make a lovely book in the end. On the first day, we made the apple prints over the sight words (the last page of the free printable). By starting with this step, there is plenty of time for the paint to dry before the next steps.

free printable apple print book project

To make the apple prints, start by printing the first and last page for each student. Cut the apples in half and use a small plate or coffee filter for each paint color. The students will dip the flat edge of the cut apple into the paint and press it over an apple with a sight word on the last page of the printable (later they will cut these out and paste them into the book). Use a paintbrush to even out the paint on the apple before pressing it onto the paper. Use the apple prints to decorate the first page of the printable for the book cover.

free printable apple print book project

Over the next few days, we practiced reading the story. We started the story by reading it together. I pointed out the sight words we had learned the previous day when we made the apple prints. For the next couple of days, the students practiced reading the story on their own. Then they drew pictures to go with each page.

After the pictures were drawn, we cut out the apple prints with sight words from the first day of the project. The kiddos matched the apple prints to the sight words in the book and pasted the prints over the story sight words.

free printable apple print book project

Once each part of the book was finished, I stapled the pages together for the completed book.

We had a great time making the prints and putting the book together. This project was a great addition to our fall apple study.


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