Fall Leaves Fine Motor Craft

Can you believe that it’s almost Fall again? This season seems to sneak up on us almost as fast as back-to-school time! With the start of the school year, I always like to have a few easy craft activities on hand ready to go and this Fall leaves fine motor craft is always popular. This craft is perfect to go along with some of your favorite Fall books.

This activity works well with these resources:

Fall Leaves Fine Motor Craft

As with all craft activities in Kinder, the end result of these is always a little bit different which is perfect! We love encouraging creativity and I like to use an example craft as a guide and let the children interpret it however they like. You’ll see from my photos later in the post that we had a few different results. With this age group, it does help a lot to have an example for them to refer to. I always like to have one completed craft for display purposes and then I will demonstrate how to complete the activity as well.

What you need for the Fall leaves fine motor craft

fall leaves fine motor craft what you need
  • Black cardstock or paper (I prefer cardstock)
  • PVA glue & paintbrushes
  • Squares of tissue paper in fall colors (I used brown, red, orange and yellow). I had a stash or square pieces that I had picked up on sale from a craft store, but you can always cut your own squares out.
  • White chalk or crayon


  1. Prepare your tissue paper into squares or small pieces. You will need a mix of fall colors.
    1. Set up your glue and paintbrushes – glue sticks will work, but PVA is much easier and sticks better.
      fall leaves fine motor craft drawing the tree
    2. Draw an outline of a tree with the white chalk. You can encourage the children to have a try at this themselves, although I will often help them with this bit.
      fall leaves fine motor craft in process
    3. Have the children scrunch up the crepe paper (a great fine motor activity) and glue them on the branches. When we did this some children preferred to keep the paper square which looked nice too.
      fall leaves fine motor craft square
    4. Some children like to cover the trunk of the tree too, but it looks fine if left blank as well. Add some foliage around the bottom of the tree for a nice fall effect!
      fall leaves fine motor craft final

Here are a few of the other finished products from the children (all very different!)

fall leaves fine motor craft finished 2
fall leaves fine motor craft finished 3

We would love to see your completed fall leaves craft. Pop into the Simply Kinder Facebook group and leave a photo.  I hope your Kinders enjoy this craft as much as mine did!


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