Autism Awareness & Spring Freebie!

I don’t know how or what to say for this post.  Raising kids is hard stuff and you all make it look very easy!

I type, I delete, I type, I delete.  How do I say what his issues are without starting at the beginning?  So emotional and his education is a dance of teachers that I would never want to offend by speaking as a parent and not a colleague.

Here is what I have been told…

– We have a speech processing disorder in which we don’t know where to place new information in our brain.

– We have an OT issue where things have to be consistent and planned and normal or he does not know how to cope with them.  (Goodness how that falls under OT I am not sure at the moment.  I think because the accommodations fall within the realm of OT.  To be honest – I am not turning down any services at this point.)

– We were delayed to speak and the part of the brain that stores speaking is very close to the part of the brain that controls reading and writing so delays academically should be expected.

Here’s what I know:

– He has zero phonemic awareness.
– He is ridiculously low in comparison to his peers in all areas.
– His teacher has to sit with him (or a peer) in order for him to work.
– Change is hard for him.  He has to be 100% aware of a change, but with too much time so he does not stress over it.
– He has high anxiety levels when being pushed out of his comfort zone.

Going back to the beginning my mom used to always tell me something was wrong, something was off but the doctors always said it’s just him being a boy or a little kid.  Trust the doctors over mom right?  (Sigh.)  No answers and I still feel as if I get no answers for what is going on.

We are in school now and I feel we have all the indicators that something else is wrong and I just am scared that there is something else there that is keeping him from learning.  His IEP says he tested only with 20% of what he should know academically so that alone should constitute testing right?   Please, someone just tell me what is wrong so I can help him!

You speak with him and you would never know anything was wrong yet he has a disorder labeled under the speech umbrella.  I take that back, you may look at me and think my child is a colossal brat or I baby him because of his inability to step out of that comfort zone.  Let me tell you… that is one way to REALLY piss me off… look at me as if you are judging me or even worse make snarky comments that make me feel as if you think it is my parenting!  It does not even have to be a direct comment, just one in which I feel is judgemental.  Ugh.

This is why I wanted to participate because I have many of the same feelings as a parent that parents with autistic children face.  It’s SO hard!  It’s SO emotional.  I have several friends with autistic children and I find myself really truly only trusting their opinions on what to do or what to say to people.  Everyone has an opinion but not many have really ever had to deal with things day in and day out.  Annoying!

So there is my story.  Right now it is amplified because I am trying to figure out if I retain him or not.  His team of teachers has recommended no.  But for me, I figure kinder is the grade with a load of phonemic awareness and so what better place for him.  I was told… well if it’s a disability holding him back won’t help.  But I say if it’s just a delay (as I have been told because of his delayed speech) then won’t allowing him more time in kinder give him the appropriate lessons for where he is at and he will just work through it?  Please.. someone, bust out their magic ball and tell me what to do.

So I have heard that my Snap Cube Centers are great for students who receive resource type services all the way up to 4th grade. My son loves playing with these cubes and so I have found a way to make them academic! So I thought that this may be a fun freebie you can use.

Students will work to build objects and then count how many snap cubes it took.  You can even step them up a notch and have them do addition statement – 3 red and 6 greens is 9 blocks.
 (Click the image to head over.)
Free Spring Snap Cube Center from Simply Kinder!

This resource goes well with:

I hope you find them as a great resource for your students.  Try out the spring ones and if they work they are available in letters, sight words, and in monthly themes.  Click here to see.

So today there is another great post for Autism Awareness from The Corner on Character AND Extra Special Teaching. Click below to hop over!

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