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May 6, 2013 | Book Activities, End of the Year, Freebies, May, Reading, TpT in Action, Writing | 2 comments

That’s right… we are gearing up for first grade in kindergarten.  My favorite saying “Oh – you can’t do that in first grade” or “Wow – that’s first grade quality!”

I all of the books that are available during this time of year.  These are two of my favorites:

Last week we made our final bulletin board and our final class book!  I wanted to share with you so you would have it to do with your students.  We did it as a Class Coloring Book and so we started with just a black crayon, I copied one class book for each student, and then colored the originals for our bulletin board.

Click here to get your class book for free!

Be sure to grab your free Summer Reading Logs and get a full list of Alphabet Countdown Ideas.


  1. Kate Siner

    Hey Jennifer, thanks for letting know about these first grade books. Kindergarten kids are truly enjoy studying these books and that alphabetical countdown idea book is very nice one.


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