Free Summer Reading Logs

Encouraging students to read over the summer is extremely important but can be difficult. Just like adults, students need to relax and unwind too but we don’t want them to regress in all of the progress they made over the school year! So here’s a list of 6 easy and fun ways to encourage your class to read over the summer. Grab the free printables below!

Keep reading for the full list of fun ideas to keep kids reading this summer.

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6 Ways to Encourage Your Students to Read over the Summer with Free Reading Logs

Motivating students to read during summer can be a tricky task, especially for the teacher.  And so I made some free summer reading logs to share with you and have some ideas for you to set up your students to be successful during the summer.

  • Sign your students up for your local library’s reading program if they have one. ¬†Literally, go there and get the entry forms, bring them to class, and have the students write their names on them. I have even gone as far as to fill read the first set of books and take the entire class to the library myself to get the first prize.
  • Let kids pick a book from your classroom library to have. ¬†We all have books in our classroom library that have been read so many times and are just not our favorites. ¬†Have a day when you take all of those books you can part with and let your students pick one to take home.
  • Use your scholastic points and order your students a book and give it to them on the last day of school. ¬†Nothing like saying “remember to read” like literally giving them a new book when they walk out the door.
  • Set¬†reading goals¬†with your students. ¬†Talk about how many books they should read over the summer or how they should read every day. ¬†You can use¬†this free download¬†to set your reading goal.
  • Send home a list of books you read to the students so parents can look for them over the summer. ¬†This does not need to be anything fancy, just a note with the titles of books the kids may enjoy rereading.¬†
  • Send your students home with fun summer reading logs. ¬†This will help your students and parents remember that they need to read each and every day. ¬†So I made you a free printable so your students can color in one summer object for every day they read.

Hopefully, your students will keep reading this summer!

Free Reading Logs

Do you have ideas to add? Comments and tell us how you encourage summer reading!

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