Bubble Pop Fidgets for the Classroom

Bubble pops are the latest craze and we found some great ones on Amazon we know will be fun for your classroom. Keeping reading to find ideas and more for Bubble Pop Fidgets in the classroom!

We love bringing what the students love into the classroom and so when we saw these bubble pop fidgets we knew we had to get them. There are so many things you can do with them other than just fidgeting (more ideas to come) but we wanted to share with you all the different ones we found! Let’s jump right in.

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Grab our new ENDLESS BUBBLE POP BUNDLE (Simply Kinder, TpT)

We have seen so many teachers trying to figure out how to write on them but they are silicone so it does not stay. We found several with the alphabet on them (a few accidentally) and we know these will be great for helping your students with letters and sounds. They can sing the letters, say the letters without singing, identify certain letters as asked, and really all sorts of things.

I was so excited to find a set with the alphabet already on them so I quickly ordered this one. It’s bright and colorful so our students will love it. The letters are white so there is a strong contrast for them to see them. It also came with numbers and a cute little mouse set. Click here to check this one out or you can get it in a two-pack here.

We also found this one which is not as colorful and we know some kids will need that. It’s a basic white with black letters. This one feels a smidge different than the others – not as soft and rubbery but it still gets the job done. It also came with a cool American flag one the students will love. Click here to check it out now.

This heart was a hidden gem in a set I ordered. It came with 3 fidgets and I had no idea that I was getting one with the letters. (They are hard to see in the photos). It came with a pineapple, unicorn, and heart design. The heart was the only set that had the letters on it though. Click here to see this set now. (Looks like you can get just the alphabet heart bubble pop here too).

This is the number one that came with the alphabet one shared above. It’s numbers 1-30 and a few shapes. PERFECT for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. Students will review the numbers as they pop the little bubbles. Click here to check this one out or you can get it in a two-pack here.

We also found this great set of NUMBERS! These are SO cool and I know students will enjoy popping them. It makes my teacher heart happy that they are in the shapes of numbers, for sure! (And I will be keeping my eye out of an alphabet set just like this one). This set also came with an alphabet popsicle shown below. Click here to check this set out.

This was included in the number set above. I totally thought it was just a popsicle but it had the alphabet on it! Yay! Click here to check this set out.

Getting back to numbers, we found a 100 CHART! I am SO excited about this one! We are going to come up with some number games and activities and will share those with you at a later time. This one has SO much potential and I cannot wait. We got this one here.

Generally speaking, they are good for counting out sounds, syllables, and one-to-one correspondence. These will be a great addition to your small groups, centers, and even whole group discussions.

Bubble Pop Teacher Hack

Here’s a useful teacher hack – cut the bubble pops into rows. This will allow you to have individual sets for your small groups for students to use to count. We cut across the thick lines just using regular teacher scissors. They will never be perfect BUT they will still work and be very durable.

When you are looking to cut them apart, the square ones are best because the bubbles line up perfectly. These come in solid or multi-colors. We think the multi will add a little color coding when breaking things down like sounds so they can see one is different than the next but solid colors work just fine too. You can get the solid ones here and the multicolor ones here (but it comes in a set that has ones you can’t cut straight so just be careful).

There are so many great shapes and themes with these bubble pops that your students will love. Here are some of the fun ones we have picked up over the last few months (yes, we are slightly obsessed).

We found this super great one that is in the shape of a keyboard! I can see students practicing to pop all sorts of words on this one. Click here to grab it now.

I know our students were already into them last year and this year with them being hard to find I am sure the love of them will continue.

Bubble Pop Bundle of Activities:

We love Bubble Pop Fidgets so much we created a resource that’s perfect for eager little learners. Grab the bundle here on TpT or here on Simply Kinder.

This interactive and hands-on resource currently includes three separate resources including:

-Uppercase Alphabet

-Lowercase Alphabet

-Phoneme Segmentation



-Number to 30

-Addition (two versions)


Grab this must-have resource here!

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