Butterfly Life Cycle Videos for Kids

Students love learning about the butterfly life cycle so we’ve compiled this teacher-approved list of videos to help kick off your spring lesson plans. Get the full list below!

Spring is a great time to watch the magical transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly.  Here is your teacher approved list of Butterfly Life Cycle Videos for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade.


Butterfly Butterfly by Harry Kindergarten (2:27)

This video is filled with information about the life cycle and metamorphosis, as well as loaded with great vocabulary.

Life Cycle of A Butterfly by Jack Hartmann (2:25)

This is probably my favorite one because the tune is so catchy and sweet. The song is filled with lots of information too!  It’s a good song if you are working on the names of the stages of the process.

Going’ Down To Mexico by Bluesorrel

This is more of a traditional song about how caterpillars turn to butterflies and how they migrate.  It goes over the process in a great way using a chalkboard. It also has lots of kids so it is super relatable for the students.

Fold back the chrysalis and reveal the butterfly underneath! Your preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students will love this interactive Butterfly Life Cycle book from Simply Kinder.

This video is great with our Butterfly Life Cycle book!  There are a couple of really good interactive pages where the kids will fold back the chrysalis to reveal the butterfly underneath and activities like that.  Click here to see it now.

Elmo’s Butterfly Song by Sesame Street (1:45)

OK, I know it’s Elmo.  However, this is an easy tune you could easily teach your students if you played ever day during your unit.

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly Song by Silly School Songs (2:14)

This is a repetitive song the kids will love.  It also has lots of nonfiction photos too that help the kids to really see what happens.

Butterfly Song Video by Have Fun Teaching (3:36)

This is a typical Have Fun Teaching tune – upbeat, fast, fun, and engaging. What I love about things on a little deeper level.  For example,  it talks about the parts of a butterfly, predators, and things like that.

Life of a Butterfly by Dr. Binocs (3:45)

This is a longer video that is also packed with information about butterflies.  It’s not a song, just that binocular guy talking.

Your preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students will love this interactive Butterfly Life Cycle book from Simply Kinder.

This video, in particular, goes great with our Butterfly LIfe Cycle book.  It contains a journal where students can record what happens each day, activity pages that easily explain the process, and informational pages that address some of the details like what caterpillars eat.  Click here to see it now.

How a Caterpillar Becomes a Butterfly by SciShow Kids (3:57)

This is probably my favorite informative one. It has SO MANY details. It also has some great layered photos that will really amaze your students!

Enjoy these great butterfly videos with your students! A great spring activity!

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