Christmas Minute to Win It

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Christmas Minute to win it

I love having the students play minute to win it games. They’re obviously always fun but they can really be categorized as stem activities too. We’re sharing 5 fun Minute to Win It games that are perfect for Christmas time!

Silver Bells

You’ll need a popsicle stick and 5 Hersey Kiss’s per team. The student will carefully place 5 Hersey Kiss’s on the popsicle sick. Then they will try to walk across the room without dropping the ‘bells”.

Christmas Minute to win it

Christmas Card Stack

You’ll need 4 plastic cups and 3 Christmas cards. The students will have to stack the cups just right using a Christmas card in between each cup.

Christmas Minute to win it

Ornament Sort

You’ll need assorted pom pom balls, mini erasers, holiday Hersey kiss’s, a cup per team/person and a tray. Each student will need to sort out the items onto the tray. Don’t let them dump out the contents of the cup though, it makes it too easy!

Christmas Minute to win it

Christmas Cookies

Give each student a Christmas cookie, gingerbread men work well or Christmas Oreos. They’ll place the cookie on their forehead and carefully try to get the cookie into their mouth without using their hands.

Christmas Minute to win it

Christmas Card Puzzles

Cut up a few different Christmas card into squares. Mix up the pieces and the students will try to put together the Christmas card picture. Make it a little more difficult by have 2 or 3 cards cut up and mixed together.

Christmas Minute to win it

To get even more Minute to Win It ideas, head over to Primary Playground where she’s sharing Winter Minute to Win It ideas.


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