Christmas Story Prompts To Get Your Kinders Writing

Grab our FREE Christmas story prompts to use this December. They are designed for Kindergarten and grade one but could easily be used by older grades. There are a variety of prompts to get your students writing and a whole page of story starters. Download your set for free at the end of this email, or join Simply Kinder + to download it instantly here.

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Take a moment to think back to Christmas when you were a kid? I hope you have wonderful memories. We enjoyed very simple Christmas as my parents did not have a lot of money. It was still a wonderful season filled with lots of excitement and magic.

Most children look forward to Christmas and why not? There are gifts, special treats, and decorations galore. The season is also filled with all kinds of opportunities for story telling.

What kid doesn’t wish they could go to the North Pole with the elves? My boys did. They would put chairs in a row with their rocking horse at the front. They would spend the afternoon flying around the world with Santa. Special Reindeer, gingerbread men and elvish adventures are all scope for the imagination at this age. Why not capitalize on it and nurture your student’s creativity with some fun Christmas writing?

We decided to help by creating a free pack of Christmas story prompts for our readers.

These festive story prompts are just right for kindergarten, or first grade!  But older grades could also use them. Our worksheets cover every level of writing ability. There are pages for beginners and some for students who are more experienced.   No matter where your class is at, these fun pages will get kids writing. You could also use them in tandem with some art activities to make a class book or fun display.

Free Printable Christmas Story Prompts

We created the writing pages specifically to engage the children’s imagination through drawing and writing. Some of the pages provide a prompt to engage the imagination. Others give them a chance to think about what they would like to do in a particular circumstance. The printable pages are black and white for easy copying. Just download and print. Here is a preview of what you find inside your freebie.

Rudolph Christmas story prompt
  1. We designed the first page for children who are starting to write. They can write a few lines and then draw a picture to illustrate their story. The writing prompt invites them to imagine what would happen if Rudolph came to their house one day. What adventures might they have?
I I were an elf writing prompt
  1. The second prompt gives students a chance to create a personal elf profile. They assign themselves an elf name, describe their elf costume and write about their home in the North Pole. What fun!
A Day with the Elves Christmas story prompt
  1. The third prompt encourages students to write a short story about spending a day with the elves at the North Pole. They will also draw a picture to illustrate. This is an open-ended writing prompt that invites children to take the story in any direction they wish. It is good page for children just starting to write. Older children might like to use it as well. Just add a second page of lines (also included in the freebie).
What gift would you like to give to the world
  1. The final prompt invites the children to imagine what kind of gift they would like to give to the world. You may want to brainstorm some ideas. What would you choose? The gift of peace, food for everyone who is hungry, or trees that grow candy? Let your imagination run wild.

Bonus Pages

Christmas story starters

There are three bonus pages in the freebie. There are two blank pages for students to use as they a Christmas story of your choosing. One has space for an illustration and a few lines. The second is just lines. There is also one page of Christmas story prompts.


  • These Christmas story prompts works well wide range of age levels. More experienced writers can pick a story starter and run with it. Beginners can use some of the simpler pages that do not require as much writing.
  • Alternatively, the story prompts are good for group work. Assign different story prompts to small groups of students to work with. Have them to illustrate and write the story.
  • Story prompts are perfect for writing centers or journal work. They also make for a fun  homework assignment.
  • You could also use the story starters as inspiration for Christmas comic strips. Kids making comics and it is a great mode of storytelling. You can find step by step instructions and comic book templates here.

Need Another Christmas Writing Project?

Write a Letter to Santa

Your Turn

These writing pages could easily become a favorite with your class. I’d love to know how your kids respond. Which one do they like best? Let us know in the comments.

Christmas story prompts pin

Christmas story prompts ready to go
Christmas story Prompts pin
Christmas Story Prompts

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