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Grab this FREE printable template for writing a letter to Santa. It is the perfect writing activity for Kindergarten, and 1st grade.  We’ll tell you where to send a letter to Santa! We’ve also got ideas for getting responses if you have missed the deadline.

Free letter to Santa to use in preschool, kindergarten, and first grades.

Santa is a big part of Christmas for many of our students. Writing letters to the big man in red is a fun activity. It is also a clever way to sneak in writing practice. Writing to Santa is  something that most kids want to do, so why not take advantage of that?

We know this is a busy time of year for everyone. So, we’ve created some free letter templates to make this a low prep activity. Just download, print and go.

Have the letters done in time and you will also get a response? How exciting is that? Wait until you see your Kinder’s faces. Scroll down the page for the addresses.

There are some early deadlines, so  we also have a devious hack that will get you some responses if you are too late.


We understand that early childhood classrooms all have different philosophies and expectations, so we gave you lots of different options with both the graphic organizers and the letter pages.  This will help you to differentiate for students and/or pick the pages that work best for your class as a whole.

Free letter to Santa to use in preschool, kindergarten, and first grades.

The graphic organizers

A graphic organizer help break down writing project into smaller steps. It encourages the kids to visually identify four key points and deal with them one by one. This is helpful for our concrete thinkers and keeps the writing process simple for them.

The  page is divided into four sections.

  1. The first two pages provide suggestions for the four sections. The children can write about something they are proud of, working on, need and want. There is a version with guidelines and one without.
  2. The second two pages have the four sections, but without the suggestions. You might have a brain storming session with the class before the writing begins. Create a class list of ideas and invite students to choose four of their favorites. Again, we have unlined and lined versions.
Free letter to Santa t

The Letter pages

These pages invite children to write a letter. We have four different versions that will help students at skill levels.

The first page provides the bulk of the letter. Children only need to trace over the letters and fill in the blanks. This is a good choice for children who are just learning to write. It is also helpful for students who are struggling with writing.

Free letter to Santa

The second page provides line guides. This is helpful for children who are starting to develop their writing skills. Writing lines help the students with the height,  of each letter. It helps with the formation of upper- and lower-case letters and punctuation characters. Children can write what they want, but the guidelines help with legibility.

Free letter to Santa

The last two pages have lines without the guidelines. We have one with 13 lines and another with 10.

Free letter to Santa


The kids think they are writing a letter to Santa, but in reality, they are practicing letter writing. So, encourage your students to go further than a wish lists of items, although that will be a part of the letter.

Brainstorm a list of ideas with your class. Suggest that it’s a good idea to let Santa know what how you are doing and what you’ve done through the year. This invites children to reflect on the past year and celebrate their accomplishments. Here’s some suggestions.

  • Did you learn something new this year?
  • Describe something kind you did.
  • Talk about how you help at home.
  • Tell Santa about your favorite things.
  • What do you like doing?
Letter to Santa

Encourage your students to ask Santa one question about life at the North Pole. Here’s a few suggestions

  • How are the reindeer doing?
  • What do your reindeer like to eat?
  • How did you become Santa?
  • How many elves live at the North Pole?
  • What do you want for Christmas?

Students can finish their letter with a list of a few things they would like for Christmas. Older students might also like to explain why they want  a specific present.


  • USA: Use this  address Letters must be accompanied by a response in a separate envelope, so you may want to send them home with instructions for the parents. Letter must arrive in Anchorage by December 7th.
  • Canada: Use this address Letters must be mailed from a school by December 2nd
  • UK: Use this  address Letters must be received by December 8
  • Australia: Use this  address Letters from Schools must be received by November 9th. Letters from individuals by December 14th.
Letters to the North Pole


Do not fear! If you have missed use our simple hack to get a response. You will need to work with a teacher of students in an older grade.

Children in the younger class write their letters to Santa. If you wish purchase a red mail box and decorate with stencils or Christmas stickers

Once the letters are written, they are “mailed” to the older students. Each student is given a letter and asked to write a response.

For inspiration provide a copy of J R Tolkein’s book Letter From Father Christmas.

Tolkein wrote to his children as Father Christmas. Some of the letters are very short, but others tell about life in the North Pole. One tells the story of how the North Polar Bear climbed onto the roof of Santa’s house and fell through.

Encourage students to use their imagination and include little stories about life at the North Pole. Do check that all the questions in the original letters are answered.

Finally, “mail” the answers back to the younger class.

If you cannot find an older class, perhaps you can recruit some parent volunteers to write responses.


Do you have any tips for writing letters to Santa with your Kinders? Please leave a comment below.

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