Grinch Day Activities & Hershey Kiss Graphing

Does your class celebrate Grinch Day? It can be such a fun winter tradition, especially with the all-new Grinch Hershey Kisses! Keep reading to get some ideas for Grinch Day activities and also a FREE graphing and sorting printable to use with the themed candy!

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Grinch Day Ideas

There are so many fun things to do for Grinch Day with your class! Keep reading for more and make sure to grab the free printable below!

Kindergarten teachers LOVE to have a Grinch Day during the winter holiday season for so many reasons.

  • It’s a great story to talk about kindness and giving.
  • The book is also ideal for retelling and comprehension skills.
  • There are TONS of extension activities (we’ll give you some ideas below!)
  • It’s a great themed day to dress up in all green or with crazy Whoville hair!
  • Oh, and it’s just lots of fun during a crazy last week of school.

Grab the book here:

Grinch Day Activities

Food & Drinks:

Nothing says fun like themed snacks! Try any of these combos to get some Grinch Grins from your kiddos:

  • Grinch Punch: Add sprite, lime sherbert, and pineapple juice to a pitcher. It’ll turn bright green and kids will love it! Draw a red heart on plastic cups to make it even more grinchy.
  • Fruit Kebobs: A green grape, thin slice of banana, and cut strawberry look like a cute little Grinch face with a santa hat on top!
  • Grinch Hershey Kisses, of course! (Keep reading to find out about the free graphing printable to use with these!) These are new this year and can be found at Walmart, Target, or most grocery stores.
  • Any green foods like cupcakes or cookies are sure to be a hit too!
  • If you have some extra time beforehand, you can use food coloring and melted marshmallow to make grinch popcorn! Popcorn, melted marshmallow with green food coloring poured over the popcorn, mini marshmallows, and red M&M’s make a great sweet and salty snack! Watch this quick video explaining how to make it:

Grinch Learning Activities:

Writing Prompts:

  • “To make the Grinch grin, I would…”
  • “I can show kindness to others by…”
  • “My heart would grow three bigger times if…”

Grinch Kisses Sorting & Graphing Activity

This printable is perfect for having students sort, count, and graph. Since there aren’t a lot of kisses in each bag and they can get pricey, it might be best to do this in a center or as a whole group activity. (You might want to count them ahead of time to make sure there aren’t more than 18 of a specific type!) Directions:

  • Once the graph is printed, you can either glue or tape the three main different wrapper types (Grinch face with the hat, the dog, the ones with sayings) to the bottom kisses and make copies for your students. Or if you prefer, your students can attempt to draw them in there. (It would be too much for them to peel them and glue them to the bottom because they are so delicate).
  • Use the sorting page to have students separate the three different types of kisses.
  • You can choose to use it as a bar graph and have students color how many squares there are, or a tally graph and make check marks into each box for the amount of kisses.
  • Talk about all the findings!
  • Pass out the kisses to the students (or save them all for yourself haha) and enjoy!!

Looking for even more counting kisses activities? Check out this post about Hershey Kiss 100th Day Activities here!

Games & Crafts:

Grinch Day activities in school wouldn’t be complete without some amazing games and crafts like these:

  • Pin the Heart on the Grinch: Create your own Grinch body and hearts or grab this ready made one on Amazon below.
  • Grinch face handprints: green paint on the palms and red on the fingers for a hat, add yellow eyes and draw a black mouth
  • Ornaments: fill clear plastic ornaments with green pom poms, add a heart sticker on the outside. Fun keepsake to send home
  • Grow someone else’s heart: complete some acts of kindness to help grow a heart! Looking for some kindness ideas? Check out out Classroom Elf and Kindness Chain here!

Grinch Graphing Printable

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